Predictions for 2009.

Why the hell didn’t Trex already make this thread?

Anyhow, here’s mine.

[li] Final Fantasy V DS remake announced for late 2010.
[li]Halo 3 Recon becomes very unpopular among Halo fans when they realize it takes some amount of skill to play.
[li]Diablo 3 wins several game of the year awards.
[li]Demon’s Souls becomes my own personal favorite game of the year. Or maybe not, I don’t know.
[li]MadWorld bombs. (I’m sorry Trex, but it just looks so boring and uninteresting. I’d go with No More Heroes long before MadWorld.)
[li]The Conduit is an awesome mix of shooting and paranormal investigation. It becomes the Wii’s Sleeper hit of '09.
[li]Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is announced for late 2011.
[li]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is very good.
[li]Final Fantasy XII (If it even comes out this year) bombs in reviews, but is praised by fans of the series. Just like every other bad Final Fantasy game. It becomes one of the few Multiplatform games that sells better on the PS3 in the US.
[li]InFamous is praised by all, but doesn’t do so well in sales.

Oh please this is such a given. And I don’t even know if I’ll get it, see here. However I think it’ll have an enormous cult following like God Hand.

And I didn’t make a thread because I have almost no predictions to make. I have hopes, like I hope RE5 and KH3 are announced for Wii, but I don’t know if they’ll be announced this year. Similarly, a lot of my hopes have already been answered- Wii is getting a storage solution and had voice chat now, a new improved DS was announced, Animal Crossing came out, etc.

But if I must, my prediction list for 2009:[ul][*]Emboldened by strong Shaun White sales, I think Ubisoft will finally move forward with the Red Steel franchise and announce Red Steel 2 for late 2009/early 2010. It’s been in development for at least a year and a half now, counting the development restart, so something presentable should be possible.[/li]
[li]Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers will not come out this year, but will become close to finished (like FF13 late last year, early this year). It will hit in 2010.[/li]
[li]A teaser trailer for the next Legend of Zelda, coming (at the earliest) late 2010, will be shown in October 2009. After the dust settles and every scrap of it is dissected, it becomes clear this is the most radical change for the series since Zelda 2.[/li]
[li]No new Wii colors this year, and no price drops. Wii Remotes may come out in new colors, though. They may change out WiiSports with WiiSports Resort and include the new Wii MotionPlus, however.[/li]
[li]Resident Evil 5 will be overhyped similarly to Grand Theft Auto 4 last year, and may gain a place on GameRankings’ top 10, but after a few weeks there will probably be a huge amount of backlash centered on the games’ stagnation in relation to its predecessor.[/li]
[li]Sonic and the Black Knight will get at least 75% on GameRankings by a month after its release.[/li]
[li]Ghostbusters will be 6/10 material for all platforms, except maybe handhelds.[/li]
[li]I say you’re wrong on all counts about FF13. It will be rated highly, despised by fans of the series (as it moves even further away from the old styles), and sell more on Xbox 360 worldwide.[/li]
[li]Kind of a blind gambit, but I predict a new Luigi’s Mansion game is announced for this year/next year.[/li]
[li]Nintendo DSi will come out in America in mid-June. Possibly in only one color.[/li]
[li]New Super Mario World/New Super Mario Bros. 2 is announced to cement strong DSi sales. It won’t be DSi exclusive, per se, but may make use of some DSi functions for secondary gameplay.[/li]
[li]Virtual Console for DSi will debut in the last half of the year, consisting of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.[/li]
[li]I feel really strongly about this: Kirby Wii will be (re-)announced. Kirby SuperStar Ultra sales are absolutely phenomenal in Japan and have been charting in the top 10 weekly since it came out.[/li]
[li]Third-party Wii headset will debut in the last half of the year.[/li]
[li]Whether or not it’s RE5: Wii Edition, a new 3rd-person Wii Resident Evil will be announced by Capcom.[/li]
[li]E3 2009 will not be a true return to form, but it will be much better than the last two years.[/li][/ul]

There. I’ll almost definitely add more later.

Thing is, I’m actually surprised I have a pretty good track record for this sort of thing.

Thats why Halo 3 ODST will own true FPS players will love it.

But, I don’t think it’ll be nearly as popular as the previous installments.

It might be better, but it’ll still be overrated.

I’m going to be lazy and copy and paste from a previous thread:

* Diablo III release date will be announced
* StarCraft II release date will be announced or it will be released
* Suda/Mikami's horror game will be announced
* No More Heroes 2 gameplay and release date
* MadWorld gameplay will prove it will be good
* Something to prove that Alan Wake is still alive
* Heavy Rain details and release date, possibly be out by the end of the year
* A good platformer is in the works.
* Information on the Silver Case DS remaking coming to the States
* Information on Fatal Frame IV being translated and coming to the States
* (This is a stretch but...) Sadness?
* Information on Platinum Games' other games (aka Infinite Space and Baynetta)
* Microsoft's plans for the NXE in the future will feature something cool
* The next 'big' game
* Something truly original will be announced
* Beyond Good and Evil 2 information and gameplay (or at least another trailer)
* Parasite Eve: Third Birthday information
* Bioshock 2 information
* Mass Effect 2 information
* Chrono Cross remake on DS
* DLC worth downloading (i.e: Left4Dead or Fallout 3 expansions,maps for Gears of War 2, etc...) will come out
* Teaser trailer for Dead Space 2 will be shown
* Teaser trailer for the next Elder Scrolls will be shown
* Something other than Suda games to make me want to keep my Wii
* Information on how Massive Action Game on the PS3 will work will be talked about
* Information on Edgeworth's DS game will be repleased
* Patapon 2 gameplay (if it doesn't come out earlier)
* LocoRoco 2 gameplay (if it doesn't come out earlier)
* Information on Blizzard's next MMO or at least hints on if they will be another 'Hero Class' in the future

And that I will love, yet also high dislike, Resident Evil 5.

Those are a lot of general/safe bets, Kumi. :stuck_out_tongue: Live on the edge!

But then my heart will be broken… :frowning:

What heart? I thought w2d2 ripped that pesky thing out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one…It just only beats once every few minutes.

So you are organic. :Q