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Original post: “Pokemon Press Conference and Direct announced”

May 28th 6 PM PDT

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Pokemon sleep lol. Literally meme’d itself.

This pokemon conference was clearly meant for the pokemon go type players.

It was also smart to announce the Sword and Shield direct before this aired otherwise people would have been pretty annoyed.

all this connectivity reminds me of Gen 5

The only thing of importance is Pokémon Home.

Which seems like new pokemon bank with trading functionality.

And with Pokémon Go added in, I wonder if you can bring Go Pokémon to Sword and Shield. Wonder how it will change the Meta because some of the stats in Lets Go and Go are screwy.

Probably I’m guessing it will have specific parameters. Kind of like how you could bring pokemon from the virtual console into bank.


Pokémon Go
Pokémon Home
Pokémon Sleep
Pokémon Can’t Sleep
Pokémon Stressed From Being a Slave
Pokémon Kills Slave Owner
Pokémon Revolution Starts Now

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seems a bit odd that you’d need Home to get Go and LGPE mons into SS. then again i havent seen the stats yet. it almost makes buying LGPE pointless…

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It was only fun until you finished the Dex and E4 the grind is even more boring than the main games is. I hate using the joycons to mimic throwing a ball. I played it mostly in handheld mode.

I haven’t trained much if the Pokémon in Lets Go. I have done some Shiny hunting which was fun for an hour or so.

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Might have the possibility for special stuff.

Like for example the Virtual Console games got you some things that weren’t possible before like Gen 1 moves with hidden abilites.

we couldve had Fissure Machamp, but that never came to be

Well they were definitely going to block no guard fissure.

Do you know if any of the gen 1 moves transfer? serebii.net lists some TM’s as transfering from gen 1.

What are some predictions you guys have for tomorrow’s direct? It’s 15 minutes so there’s lots of time for information.

Most likely:
Box art and version legendary Pokémon.
Release Date
At least 2 new Pokémon other than the mascots.

Less likely:
New Megas
New normal evolutions of older Pokémon :frowning_face:

Pokemon Sword/Shield direct Predictions

Trailer (the rest of the direct explains the trailer.)
We see the three starter evolutions
Some NPC’s Professor, Rival, ect. (one from another region which may not be a previous gen.)
Team rocket equivalent
New Abilites/Moves
Show more towns (including those dome structures)
more pokemon (Pidgey, Rattata, caterpie equivalents)
Pokemon Bank/Pokemon home how its used.
They show something that makes you go oh yeah that’s Brittan. like an old lady NPC that has corgi pokemon and looks like the queen.

Hoping for

Galar Forms
New Types
Unique stuff between versions

E3 Treehouse which goes through an area that shows most
of this same stuff.

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I hope that there are no Kanto Pokémon forms I love Gen 1 but it’s time to move on.

There will have to be because of bank/home unless you mean in the over world. They have to bring back the Alola forms too.

Right, I mean new forms like I would be ok with Galar Hoothoot not a Galar Pidgey

I’m just hoping for regional forms don’t know if it will stay a thing.

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Stuff i want:

  • A rearranged National Pokedex (Pichu before Pika, Eeveelutions after Vaporeon, Porygon line now sequential)
  • Galaran forms
  • New Megas
  • Most of the new regular mons are competitive-worthy, unlike last gen
  • Remove Move Tutors/removers, and replace with something like a reserves menu
  • Walking Pokemon
  • Skipable cutscenes
  • Armor evolution?
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