Pokemon company has DS2 dev kit with motion controls


Well Pokemon company and some select third party developers are apparently demoing it and this particular person that spoke says it has tilt functions in particular.

I forgot, isn’t the next Pkmn games after HG/SS going to not be on regular DS? Since the 5th generation of Pokemon is slowly making its way here now and will come out later this year. It would be the biggest surprise ever if the next versions are on the DS2, and that means the DS2 would come out this year.

Hrm, DS2 coming out this year would definitely be very interesting. I’d probably think it’s definitely happening if it wasn’t for DSi XL.

On Pokemon Gen 5 the info stated the regular DS but beats me. As for when the DS2 will launch I’m not so sure this year perhaps they’ll show it at E3 or something but I don’t think its launching this year. Also the person said according to the time schedule its probably not going to show at this Nintendo event later this month. If it launches this year that will be wierd since Pokemon probably won’t launch till the end of the year maybe its on the DS2 but sounded like original DS. This is sort of that year Nintendo gives out some info then maybe next year releases the system or possibly one more year after that either way the next DS is comming fairly soon by the sounds of it since people can now talk about it somewhat and have had dev kits.

Who knows maybe we’ll see the info at the Nintendo conference this month and they’ll be talking to developers behind closed doors its possible I guess. This info may point to the successor being backwards compatible so even if the DS 2 launches soon people could still play gen 5 on either DS or its successor.