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There may be an old one about this but I am making a list of podcasts that I enjoy and recommend. I would like you all to share as well. This is listed as not gaming but gaming podcasts ARE allowed.

Joe Rogan Experience- This is Rogan talking to various guests about various things. Joe has one of those easy to listen to voices.

Easy Allies Podcast- Gaming News Discussions
Easy A Frame Trap- Game discussions

Tangentially Speaking- Podcast by Dr. Christopher Ryan, psychologist and sexual tyrannosaurus. Very easy to listen to, has that calming voice.

Science of Sex- Dr. Zhana and Joe talk about various sexual subjects.

Shat the Movies and Shat on TV- Movies is about 80s and 90s movies and TV covers various shows like Game of Thrones and the current WestWorld.

Obnoxious and Anonymous- Twin Peaks podcast by Cameron Cloutier who currently raised thousands of dollars to do a Fan Film about Annie.

Double P Podcast Network-Excellent podcasts on Twin Peaks, Ash vs Evil Dead and more.

The Church of What’s Happening Now-Joey Diaz high as a kite.

Duncan Trussel’s family hour- Duncan’s Buddhist hippie talk

That is all I can think off off the top of my head.

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You left out our podcast ;_;

I’m definitely gonna give the Science of Sex and Tangentially Speaking. I’ve listen to Joe Rogan in the past and I never really hated him but after awhile I just get bored of him.

Chilluminati- A podcast about surreal topics such as ghosts,skin walkers, Aliens and a few conspiracy theories. It’s not run by crackpots though, these guys who do their research and just have fun with it.

Accidental Tech Podcast- My favorite podcast, mainly Apple focused but they also touch on major things happening in tech. Very intelligent hosts who do a great job getting their point across.

The Discourse Collective-This is the only podcast that made me feel sane after the 2016 election. It’s run by unabashed Communists and they have a series called Theory that breaks down some of the major and lesser known heroes of the Communist struggle.

Important If True- A spin off from Idle Thumbs that focuses on bizarre things in the news. Really nice to put on at night and get a good laugh in.

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Here is a Tangentially Speaking featuring Zhana from Science of Sex so you can get a feel for both people.

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Sitting Around Talking Movies with Neil Rosen and Bill McCuddy. They had a movie review show on Time Warner 1 out of NYC for like 20 years. Then Spectrum took over and killed it, along with most of the shows on the network. Anyway… they launched a Podcast not long before the series went under. I haven’t heard it in a few months, but I should really go and download them to my iPod…

Naturally, this podcast only updates when new episodes air, but the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast is something I would routinely listen to on the way to work. Hosted by Kelly Dixon (one of the show’s editors going back to season 1 of Breaking Bad), with Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould and all sorts of other regulars from the writing staff and acting side.


As for video podcasts… I would have said Norm Macdonald Live. Unfortunately, his episodes have vanished from Youtube and Amazon the last few months… likely because he is getting a Netflix show soon. Too bad. He had some really, really, really good stuff.

I enjoy The Last Podcast on the Left. Basically retells the wacky stories of various serial killers. It’s good old family fun.

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The Majority Report - Left-wing politics, interviews, humor, etc. Hosted by Sam Seder, aka the voice of Fenton from Home Movies and the guy who spit his steak on Sex and the City.

The Michael Brooks Show - More left-wing politics, interviews, and humor. Hosted by the co-host of The Majority Report, Michael Brooks. More of a focus on theory and global politics than Majority.

Chapo Trap House - Even more left-wing politics. Irreverent socialist humor and Marxist theory. Damn funny. Even numbered episodes are free, odd numbered are behind a paywall.

Mega64 Podcast - Video games, movies, humor. It’s mega64. You know what you’re getting.

The Dana Gould Hour - Basically the podcast equivalent of a variety show. Discussion, weird (and true) stories, skits, and some great guests including Eddie Pepitone, April Richardson, Jonah Rey, and Stephen Tobolowsky.

WTF With Marc Maron - Interview show hosted by comedian Marc Maron from his garage. He started out interviewing primarily comedians, but gradually started interviewing pretty much anyone famous including President Obama at one point.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me - Three brothers from West Virginia host a comedy advice podcast where they give advice that should never be followed. Good stuff. They also co-host a podcast with the “worst idea of all time” guys where they review Paul Blart 2 once a year, titled 'Til Death Do Us Blart.

DOOMED with Matt Binder - Lefty politics and professional wrestling. The title comes from the fact that we’re all fucked. Another Majority Report spin-off. Still relatively new.

The Antifada - Anarcho-socialist punk podcast hosted by a husband and wife duo. VERY new. Only a handful of episodes.

Also real talk, so glad nobody here seems to listen to Freakanomics or Pod Save America. I know way too many people who listen to one or both of those shitty awful podcasts.

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…why would I chose to listen to Fenton from Home Movies for any length of time.

Because he’s really smart and that was just a character he played on tv. shrug

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If anyone needs something a little more bite-sized, I’ve found Mike Rowe’s “The way I heard it” to be a fun way to kill 10-15 minutes. Just short little stories about generally well-known people, but you don’t get the full reveal of whom until the end.

Hollywood and Crime by Wondery is fantastic. It has dramatic acting and a narrator who talks about real California murders including Black Dhalia.

Whatever Bren-bren.

Required listening for WestWorld fans, well not required but FUN!


I didn’t realize quite how long ago this thread was.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping up with Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend. I’ve been pretty entertained. Episodes about 50 minutes each. He just sits down and has conversations with people or renown who’ve been on his show under the banner of “Conan doesn’t really have friends that aren’t on his payroll.” Topics aren’t constant between guests, but most everyone has been good, and he has great banter with his assistant and producer (which saved the one less-than-stellar episode).

If you want something finite, I quite enjoyed The Angel of Vine. The narrator is a podcaster that came across an old PI’s self-recordings as he tackled an unsolved (and gruesome) murder. Lot of familiar names (which is how I found it). Ten half-hour episodes; worth seeing through to the end. It’s labeled “season one,” and there are definitely some other opportunities for stories, but this stands well on its own. Highly recommended.

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On a recommendation from the Angel of Vine account, I checked out The Hidden Frequencies. Ten 30-minute episodes with a sort of Twilight Zone / Are You Afraid of the Dark vibe. All pretty good, some better than the rest. If you’ve experienced enough such stories, figuring out the twist, or at least part of it, isn’t too hard, but I think there’s at least a little surprise each episode.

I must’ve had a brain fart on the last post, but I can’t not mention (for something ongoing) ‘Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe’. Good ol’ edutainment. Episodes about 40 minutes each, updated twice weekly. Daniel (a physicist at CERN) and Jorge (cartoonist of PhDComics fame) discuss various scientific topics (mostly physics-related, as you might imagine). It’s casual and approachable, and there are plenty of dumb jokes to go around. Episodes are generally stand-alone, but they’ll occasionally refer back to previous topics if they’re related.


Many moons later edit!

Just wrapped up Limetown. Eleven main episodes (25-50 minutes, close to 40 average) and several brief interstitial episodes. A reporter from a fictional NPR does interviews in research of a decade old event involving the disappearance of a small town around a research facility of some sort. There’s a small pivot between seasons, but it regains its pacing, and there are some decidedly intense episodes. There’s an associated book and a TV adaptation on Facebook, but I found the podcast content alone enough to be pretty compelling.

Got a new cast lined up. Hopefully it turns out to be worth recommending.


The thread yet lives again.

I’ve apparently found the indie scene of audio drama podcasts. I took a chance on Tunnels. From a technical perspective, it definitely stands out with production and acting quality as a more amateur production. That said, the quality does improve a bit past the first season, and it was interesting enough despite that to work through the three short seasons. As interesting was discovering a community of audio drama enthusiasts supporting each other. Many other interesting podcasts plugged throughout the show, including a show about making shows.

Moving on to another oft-recommended show, The Bright Sessions. Good so far.


Wrapped up the core run of The Bright Sessions (56 episodes). It was great, and I very much enjoyed it. The first season starts a series of recordings of therapy sessions with people with special powers (an empath, a telepath, and a time traveler), but it breaks those format restrictions going into the second season as larger plots and character arcs unfold. Cast is full of interesting people - most of them generally well-intentioned, but each with their own struggles as people and most trying to live with being “atypical.”

There are bonus episodes and a spin-off series in the same subscription feed I’m looking forward to getting to, but I’m not sure what show I’ll check out next. I have several I’ve bookmarked out of interest, so I’ll figure something out before long.


You know, maybe one day someone else will find some value from this topic. In any case, I finally wrapped up ars PARDOXICA the other day. A woman in some soon-ish nonspecific future accidentally invents time travel and gets thrown back into WW2. She works with a government agency to explore this new technology, and of course, secret organizations as they are, abuse is had, and side effects are dealt with. There are a lot of moving parts, but it usually isn’t too hard to follow. Solid minority representation if you’re into that. Was a bit surprised to hear a recognizable name (Arjun Gupta) as a regular cast member later in the show. A few dozen episodes, thumbs up.

Craziness is afoot as I check out two not-overly-long shows. What’s the Frequency? is a noir 40s drama where only one strange show exists on the radio amidst a sea of static, and it apparently causes people to commit murder. A PI and his assistant search for a missing writer, and there are generally strange things afoot, both in the narrative and in the podcast presentation. Cute so far.

In a noticeable shift in topic, I also pulled the trigger on Janus Descending, a sci-fi / horror show. A couple of scientists head to a small world to study the remains of an alien civilization. Except the creatures responsible for the civilization being ‘remains’ are still around. It’s presented as two parallel stories from each of their perspectives - one is told beginning to end, but other is told end to beginning. That unique narrative structure helped pique my interest. I’ve gotten through the few prologues - two are brief introductions to the main characters, and the third is apparently set afterwards, seeming to indicate that terrible things await our intrepid heroes. Looking forward to diving further in here.


Wrapped up both of the aforementioned podcasts. Janus Descending was pretty good. A bit more suspense than horror, but intriguing nonetheless. The odd narrative split leads to some fun reveals. The creatures are more a presence in the narrative, and much of the discomfort comes from the characters’ despair.

What’s the Frequency?, on the other hand, didn’t click with me as much. Not that I didn’t find any entertainment value out of it, but I think the combination of “psychedelic noir” and weird presentation just wasn’t what I was looking for. If you’re looking for something a little more focused and straightforward, probably not the show to look at, but if you’re curious about the weird and unconventional, it might be worth a listen.

Damn, there are a lot of shows. I legitimately don’t know what I’ll look into next. I have a few on the periphery of my radar, but there’s just so much to sift through.

I pretty much only listen to Cum Town now.

I was listening to The Last Podcast on the Left for a good half-year but then they up and went Spotify exclusive so fuck them and fuck Spotify. :mad:

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I get to make a new post in the thread. :open_mouth:

In any case, I haven’t forgotten about this thread. I forgot to update a little of what I’ve been listening to, and, more significantly, the past couple of shows I picked up have been considerably longer than other selections. There have been a handful, but I want to bring attention to some of the high points.

Olive Hill - Presented almost like a personal story combined with a local investigative report. Just seven episodes, not particularly long. Not high on tension or drama, but a little more on mystery and the atmosphere of the small town in question. Speaking of questions, there is some resolution, but enough mystery to wonder about it.

Greater Boston - Not finished, just on a long between-season hiatus. I’ve seen it compared to a kind of Mike Schur / Brooklyn 99 / Parks & Rec vibe - That is, it’s set in a real place, but it’s an exaggerated version of a real place. It’s a weird show, but the more I listened to it, the more I enjoyed it. It’s hard to describe the individual plot lines - the cast isn’t small, and there are a lot of moving pieces. For an example of the absurdity, the background plot of the first of three seasons revolves around a referendum trying to establish the local Red Line subway system as its own city. Isn’t @Andrew Bostonian? Maybe he’d get a kick out of the local-ness, though as someone who’s never been, it’s still a good show.

Wolf 359 - I’m still only about 2/3 through this finished show, but it’s so good. The setting is a private research station orbiting a mysterious star (the titular Wolf 359). The communications officer on board laments his boredom and, of course, clashes with the other two human staff and the station AI. It starts out with a little more levity overall, and then it gets really weird. And then big and/or serious things happen. It definitely takes a more dramatic turn, the kind where you really feel the weight of what’s happening, especially as you sense the end of the episode coming and you have to decide whether to go ahead and listen to another one.

Working on another short show, that I’ll ponder when I’m done with it. Might go back and offer a few thoughts on other shows.

I’m actually seriously considering starting my own podcast in a month or so. I think a Youtube Channel is too much fuckery and would rather interview and talk to people for entertainment anyway.


A couple more in the finished pile.

Steal the Stars - Imagine that we actually had an alien. A craft and its pilot. Of course, the company and facility storing it are important, and when a couple of employees break the fraternization policy and decide to keep it going, the lengths they go to are… extreme. I saw one site recommend it, noting that it had one of the most memorable final episodes they’d encountered. It was a crazy finale, and while some wacky stuff occurs, the last few steps aren’t too unpredictable once you get there. A fun and short (14+1 episodes) series.

Wolf 359 - And the big one. I finally wrapped this up the other night. The end of the penultimate episode basically gave you a breathing moment before diving into the feature-film-length finale. A lot of moving parts and conflicts, and while you go in believing in certain characters, there’s fun and a few surprises to be had. It didn’t feel as heavy as some episodes prior, but it was a fine wrap-up to a fantastic show.


My next show is The Alexandria Archives. A late night college radio DJ gets to know her listeners and reads spooky stories. At least the first episode so far. Looking forward to continuing the show in the coming nights.

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I’ve been making preparations to start my own podcast, my biggest concern now funny enough is getting a logo. I created one in a free program but I am not sure if it is good or shitty lol

I think I am going to go with Podbean as my main website and distributer. I’m just extremely nervous to go through with it to be honest.

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