PlayStation 5 ✪

One step closer to PS9. :bow2:


The ability to choose between single player and multiplayer :grinning:

So the devkit leak was real, wow.


Weird because this seems more overly designed than a typical devkit. Usually they are just plain black/grey boxes.

I hope they bring more radical vent designs in the final product to give it more airflow without making it sound like a jet.

It’s hard to be excited for the controller stuff, they say it will be lighter than the Xbox one but who gives a shit? I hope they finally realize a controller with as poor battery life as the DualShock 4 is pure horseshit. I don’t care if it can suck my dick, it needs to be more than 24 hours of battery life. PERIODT!


Well its pretty clear its holiday 2020. I just want to see a game hopefully one I care about.

I don’t care about any of this until I see a price.

I’d like to see a playstation circle, like what a wireless charger/google home looks like. everything has to be a square

Should be a GameSphere.

Looking forward to it!

@sbf717 Yeah, they have got to do something about that battery life. Horrendous.

What about a pyramid shape that would be different and unexpected.

how powerful does this make it?

Seems like at least 52 Switches put together, which means it’s about ~200 GameCubes.

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Without clockspeeds it’s hard to say. But the biggest jump is that this CPU will be on the modern current AMD architecture. Last gen both Sony and Microsoft were using the outdated Jaguar architecture.

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Wow. PS4 and XBone have been Atari Jaguars this whole time.


Now we wait for the Digital Foundry video.

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I’m still nervous about the leadership vanishing suddenly and the censorship we’ve seen already.

I’m really on the fence about going PS5 at all.

2002 The Onion was only off by a few years.

To be fair, the idea of console lasting longer than 5 years wasn’t really a thing yet.

Well they put one out but it didn’t really tell me.

They put out another one

Guess we don’t have to worry about the names of Sony’s next consoles.

PS Vita 2 was unfortunately not registered. :weary:

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