Pets ✪

Anyone have pets? I sorta inherited my younger sister’s dog sometime in the past year (the pup has been staying with me since June.) I could use a thread for tips and advise since I kinda did not expect this, though I did think I’d get a dog in a few years…

This is Sasha, she’s a one-year old something-mix. :slight_smile: Probably Chihuahua and beagle or something.

She enjoys KK Slider concerts.

She also has very soft fur and sleeps like an angel.

I used to think of myself as a cat person but in recent years started slowly opening up more to dogs… now I’m full-on ride-or-die for both. :man_shrugging:

Post them cats and puppers. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

No dogs of my own right now, but my sister has a corgi that absolutely loves me:

I have three cats and a turtle

Snuggles (Age 15)
Theodora Clara Francesca (Age 4)
Winifred Rose (Almost 5 Months)

Toby Joe (Turtle) The vet said he was about 6 years old.

I currently have two cats. One, Tabby, was an abandoned stray that was taken in shortly before my previous cat passed away. The second was a kitten named Jake that showed up on the deck over the summer and was lured in just before Thanksgiving. Tabby doesn’t get along with Jake, so I have to keep them separated. Briefly, I had a third cat, Holly, another abandoned stray, but was able to get her into a local no-kill shelter who found her a home not long after. Two is hard. Three was impossible.

I love this thread. I love animals. Sadly haven’t had one since my dear dog and constant companion died a few years ago. I have her ashes and still keep her close to my heart and dream about her though. She looked like a brown and white Isabelle from Animal Crossing. Even had the top knot when she was young. I keep a Isabelle amiibo by her urn.


Scrolling through my pics over the last couples days, apparently caught this shot in between others. :lol:

She’s such a doofus. :heart:


So ridiculously cute lol As Maddie on Animal Crossing would say. Totes adorbs!!

Yep dogs just are.

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^ My mom took this one.

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