Personal Hands on with The Conduit

Well I picked up my CE copy of The Conduit today and I have to say I am thrilled with the game. The campaign mode is challenging and the online is killer. This game is everything I was hoping it would be…its going to suck so many hours out of my life. lol

How’s multiplayer?

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Win. I love that screenshot.

Just picked up the Special Edition also. Will give it a spin later tonight after my niece is done watching Sesame Street.

Does it require Wii Motion Plus? I dun remember.

If it does can you get it in a bundle, cause that’d be sweet.

No wii motion plus. Multiplayer is top notch. And Axel…wtf did you say!?

So you wanna duke it out with me online???

I always complete the single-player game first. Gives me time to get adjusted to the game and not completely wreck my score when I first jump in.

Yeah I usually do the same but I had to try out the online just cause its awesome…the way HVS went about the friend codes thing is awesome.

Yeah last night was awesome I picked up where I left off the other day (days have been busy recently havent gotten to play much) I beat the campaign and then I was off to multiplayer. I was up till 9am playing multiplayer. Getting double kills and killing sprees (yeah it says that stuff) I got 10 kills without dying and it said I had a kill crazy or something like that…This game has an EXTREAMLY addictive online and I am so happy to have my Halo for my Wii.

So wait, it’s similar to Halo? It looked more like UT to me.

More like Perfect Dark 1.


It gave me the feel of Halo but yeah it is alot like UT as well…its kinda like if UT and Halo had a baby…just a not a pretty baby.