Persona 3 Portable [PSP] announced :0 :0 :0 :0 :0


Is that a chick?

Better scan

So either male or female mc cool for all the womenz who wanted that.

Male version of Elizabeth possibly when you select a female over male?

It’s a port of Persona 3, with selectable protagonist. There will be certain things unique to the female route, and there will be some new additions to the male route as well. Otherwise it’s the same game with various improvements. Apparently there’ll be 5 difficulty levels, and like in P4, you can set your party members on manual control. The game is coming out on 1st Nov.

Someone who says they translated scans

Nice harp.

How dare they make me choose between my original husbano:



And a new one! :neutral_face:

Didn’t they just announce they were remaking 1 for PSP? Why skip over 2? Why announce this when 1 hasn’t even come out?

1 came out in Japan 6 months ago.

IDK maybe they want to get more of the US audicence as I’m sure Persona 3 out sold 2 and is more fresh in peoples minds

Well fuck you Atlus making me rebuy the same game 3 times.

Also I remember telling Rob that the next Persona would probably have a female MC or a choice between which means now I can date Akihiko :3

Bump since they released the opening

I dont really like the song but I like the art

I feel the same it needs more dread burning. Also FeMC is my waifu now :3

Also I think FeMC isn’t just for a female gender thing because if you watch the video closely you see at 0:44 you see the words under each characters legs
MC’s Legs: Dissociated state
FeMC’s Legs: Dissociative fugue

Now for a definition
"Dissociation is the minds way of breaking the connections between itself and the outside world. The person experiences an event or events which the mind is unable to deal with. The person may seem to be somewhere else. The person may act in ways that are so out of character that they seem to be another person. In the past this was referred to as MPD or multiple personality disorder." Source

Then if you look at 0: 59 you see Anima and Animus

Anima and Animus refers to the masculine and feminine halves of a person’s true self. Basically meaning each male has a feminine side to themselves (Anima) and a female has masculine side (Animus).