Paper Mario: The Origami King (July 17th)

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There better be a goddamn Heavy Rain joke in this game. Or I’m gonna personally cyber bully ever Nintendo employee on Twitter!

Looks fun! I never played one before.

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They are super cool at least if its like the old ones.

The ring battle mechanic actually seems interesting because they can have more opponents battling you.

This how how I think most people would rank them.


Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
Paper Mario
Super Paper Mario (Its not an RPG)
Paper Mario: Color Splash (People didn’t like the card system)
Paper Mario: Sticker Star (People didn’t like the sticker system)


Kinda Funny and Easy Allies did it for you.

I am NOT the Origaymi killah, I’m Nahmon, Jayden, FBI!!

im offended by that. im posting that on twitter :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

also i wanted Mario RPG 2, or at least a sequel to Super

I’m not sure that will happen.

This might help you out.

Gamexplain Analysis they definitely found a lot of stuff.


Man had some stuff I hadn’t seen.