Wow looks like MGS4 didn’t really help Konami.

This was to be expected. They didn’t release anything in Q1 2009 that was anywhere close to MGS 4 in Q1 2008. No shit their game revenue dipped year over year.

But year over year be damned. The game’s budget was $45 million. It sold 1.3 million copies the first day and 4 million LTD so the game made a profit and a nice one at that.

MGS 4 did help Konami just not a year after it came out and I don’t think any rational person would expect it too.

They got hurt by releasing it on the PS3. But when DDR comes out on the PS3, I’m getting that shit day 1. Day one.

DDR has been out on Wii and 360 for years now… in multiple games, in fact…

I know. Thats why i want it on the PS3 sooo bad. I never played DDR, probably one of the few rhythm games I never played…

Where be the new Castlevania this year?

I think next year and Kojima Production is the publisher.

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