Ouch, Ouch.

Army of Two (360) - Mar 08 - 606k (33 days of sales)
Killzone 2 (PS3) - Feb / Mar 09 - 619k (37 days of sales)

HALO WARS* (360) 639K
[PS3] Killzone 2: 619.000 (With head start in late Feb)

You know shit is getting bad when a training wheel RTS outsells your flagship FPS best game of all time second coming of Christ savior of the generation game.

And as far as MadWorld’s sales, I was facepalming in the entire thread on G4. Groob just made the topic to gloat anyways.

I agree its not even the Madworld numbers that got people talking its Sonys shitty performance and KZ2 getting outsold by a console RTS I made a thread in G4 its picking up speed go post

how the hell could a game which, from what i hear, re invents the rts genre to be as efficient on a console as it is on the pc, based an the most popular game on the xbox out do the game thats practicaly a syonym for pre renderd trailer and the sequal to a ps2 game sumed up as meh :confused: ?

but really, i would have thought kz2 would have sold more . . .

Damn thread in G4 is locked I go out to eat noobs flame each other…fishsticks.

Considering the 360 has a higher install base and Halo is a more well known franchise than Killzone its not that surprising…

True, and I think it did pretty well. Besides, it’s not counting the first few days of sales, which are actually the most important when it comes to PS360 titles.

We should compare the current worldwide totals of each for a more accurate… comparison.

People. People. For the amount of hype this game received the sales figures are disappointing to say the least. The Halo talk is borderline BS this is a RTS were talking about a shooter usually pwns it even if its a Halo product. I thought the ads for Halo Wars were stupid and did not reflect on the gameplay at all, it had me believe that Killzone2 would do better in sales. But the tv ads for KZ2 were also shitty but it was the lesser of two evils.

And the point is…?

Great net hype for AAA title + Bad tv ads = Disappointing sales.

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