Ordered myself 2 new games today...

Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t… but I did. :disgust;

Amazon has ExciteBots… the version with the bonus WiiWheel (which I’ll probably never use) on sale for $20. So, I picked up that.


The I got SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 on the Wii as well. Wanted to pick that one up for a while, but never did. It’s supposed to fix the loading problems of the PS2/PSP version, as well as being upgraded to 480p.

So… yeah… there goes my game fasting of sorts. :lol

Tell me how Excitebots is, I heard it was good but I didn’t like Excite Truck.

I still have to open my Excite Truck. As I recall, I think I tried Excite Truck and Motorstorm on some kiosk back in 2006. Excite Truck for about 5 seconds. Motorstorm for about 5 minutes. I recall not liking the fact that my car crashed when I ran into a tumbleweed on Motorstorm.

I can safely say I remember no tumbleweed in Motorstorm.

It was a tiny one… in a desolate rocky-like area.

Welp, ExciteBots with WiiWheel arrived today.