Orange is the new Black: hot prison lesbo sexxx

Netflix exclusive made by the woman who created Weeds.

I finally broke down and started watching it a few days ago and was so shocked by how good it is. It’s like this fantastic mix of comedy and drama. The cast is pretty good but the real star is Kate Mulgrew who gives her best role since Captain Janeway in Star Trek Voyager as a deranged Russian cook. So anyone else watching it?

Which one is the lesbian?

The women who engage in lesbian acts noted with an L

show is so fucking good

I’d rather watch Oz, at least people’s dicks get bitten off in that show.

Its a different vibe then Oz. It’s much more. I dunno how to describe it. Not a lot to compare it too.

Oz is a much more hardcore and unforgiving take on prison, there’s very little to laugh at. The balance isn’t nowhere near the same as Orange is the new Black.

But Oz is also worth watching for Beecher’s storyline alone, it’s a supremely fucked up path through life for someone who just had a drinking problem.

Someone has weird kinks…

I just started watching, still have to finish the first episode just don’t have time. I like it, I’ve been wanting to watch more shows with women.

Is it bad that during the scenes with the the main and her drug dealer girlfriend I imagined myself in place of the main? >_>

Ohhh someone likes bad girls :Q

i often imagined myself as Beecher in all those scenes with Keller >_>

I was never into it since the original trailer. The Netflix original programming is pretty scattered really. Anymore Netflix original programming series’ on the way? I still need to watch House of Cards and Hemlock Grove.

The only one I watched so far was part of Arrested Development and they need to quit that character focus per episode crap

Some of these are already out but I guess the next major one is Derek but meh looks stupid. Sense8 on the other hand :hyper :hyper :hyper

Start the first episode which a couple of hot naked women… well that’s one way to get a guy’s attention.

It is great, I just came on to see if anyone was talking about this show too. I added the show when it debuted and I tried watching episode 1 last week but I stopped since I saw it was 60 minutes and not 30 and I didnt have the time to watch it.

In the opening credits I saw a familiar name Jenji Kohan and she is the one behind the show Weeds so that was a pleasant surprise. The 1 hour duration really gives this show a great pace, it was the one thing that annoyed me with weeds cuz you would get into it, start cracking up and then it’s over.

OZ is pretty much my favorite HBO series…and this is like a complete opposite of OZ, a complete 180.
A funny series in a women’s prison. The Meth Mouth Jesus freaks crack me up too.

There was this one time where she tries to snitch and says something like
"Sir, That dancing looks like lesbian activity, dont it?"
and the guard Pornstache says “It sure does…” as he enjoys what he’s watching.

I’m have 2 more episodes to watch before it’s over, cant wait for the next season.

I saw a few episodes at a friend’s house last night.

It was entertaining enough while I was there but it didn’t really catch my attention to make me want to watch it on my own. D= Im gonna just pretend like this is what eventually happened to Pattie.


Looks interesting. Too bad is on Netflix otherwise would watch.

finished the last 2 episodes…and I wanted more!

I love the Taystee + Poussey show! (you see what I did there)

Wait, this was based on a real story and the prison was in Danbury CT??

Cray cray

I had no idea but now I have something to read while waiting on season 2.