I rarely check my emails, but I was clearing out some stuff and came across one from Microsoft a few days ago. When I signed up for Xbox Live in 2005, I used my mother’s credit card, and I never really thought about it every year, because I knew it auto-renewed everything if you didn’t call to cancel directly and I was never really one for credit cards (I preferred direct cash for everything).

Well, the card expired… like 3 years ago, and they were still using it. But now I get this email saying my account has run into problems because it’s no longer in service. Guess I better call and update it tomorrow.

Only thing is… should I keep it? I’m going through that “massive purge” and I haven’t used it outside of maybe a single week since it renewed at the end of August last year. But, damned, I DO want to play through Halo 3 online at some point, cause Halo is always fun.


I will play some Halo 3 with ya!