Oops - Fixed

I was messing around with some things on the site when I accidently deleted index.php. :lol So for now it does a quick redirect to here, the forum.

Unfortunately, that copy of the file was my only copy of the two-block temporary design. If any of you still have it in your caches, copy the source and PM it to me ASAP. Otherwise I’ll have to implement and even shoddier solution.

Edit- I fixed it. You can now visit the home page. :slight_smile:

sarcastic clap

You are linking to the wrong page


No admin at the end >_>

also I don’t have it…

lOl So Sad. :slight_smile:

Right right, no admin…

@Kumi: WTH was that for?

Okay, I fixed it. Not a bad recreation since it’s only from my memory, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just a button and the shoutbox…

I doubt you’d be able to do it. >_> But yeah it was pretty easy. I remembered roughly how it was structured and what went where…