One of those games I'm going to probably buy and never play...

Mass Effect.

People kept telling me how awesome the game is and I have this weird impulse telling me to buy the thing. Yet, I doubt I’ll get around to ever really playing the thing. Target has that double disc bonus version… it is tempting me.

What do to? :Q

Then again, I heard about all of the hardcore sex in the game… so, as a concerned adult, I should probably pick it up on principle. :smiley:

The story is apparently really good, but I thought the battle system was boring.

I really liked Mass Effect. I thought that the story was…well, kind of meh; not the best but not the worst, and it didn’t really pick up until the end. The side quests had interesting plots (some more interesting than the main plot), but the regurgitation of the same dungeon map over and over made the extra missions painful to go through.

Dialouge options are fun, even though the choices that lead you to either paragon or renegade are blatantly obvious (the writers over at Bioware need to pick their brains a little more on this one). I actually enjoyed the combat, because I love shooters. Its not a traditional “shooter” by any means, but it’s still fun and requires genuine strategy during several battles in the game.

My personal favorite part was character development. And just like KOTOR, Mass Effect not only lets you level up and develop your own character, but your entire team, which is a blast for me.

Its not the best game in the world, but considering its twenty bucks now, its most definately worth picking up.

Dude, I love Mass Effect because I can build and customize my team. I always loved doing that in games.

The game is very long too, and has lots of replayability. Buy it now and play it! :disgust;

Three words;

Hawt. Alien. Sexytime.

Yes, sexytime is one word. Deal with it. :frown;

I actually bought Tomb Raider Anniversary, Mass Effect and Gears of War.

That’s the most games I’ve bought probably since February. I’ve tried cutting back on buying games as of late.

Sometimes between now and when ME2 comes out you should try to play it at least once through.

ME’s my favorite game of this gen, with Oblivion right behind.

Yeah I brought Mass Effect last month. It’s pretty awesome. The last game I picked up was Resident Evil 5 and I got that the week after it came out…

and Hamlet is apparanty a really good play

and Star Wars is apparently a really good movie

and Mash is apparantly a really good tv show