Yeah, I know. It should be brown and orange.

That’s not Opera 10.

Anyways what’s the problem?



Maybe he realized the moon is hidden there.

Wait, what?

spooie fucked it up already. Quit making like 20 threads each day, you! :disgust;

You’re right. Andrex should have just locked the other forum and made “Gaming 2” or something.

I can do that?

No, not really. But I like to dash the hopes of others.

[SPOILER]It wasn’t me…[/SPOILER] :devil;

Right on the day I joined this place, I think

An omen?

Maybe or maybe not. Only time will tell.

800 members, and only 171 active members?

Even though, theres really only like 13 active members. But okay.

We should have a thread every week dedicated to our top 10 posters who have never posted.

I don’t know if we want to glorify spammers… >_>

Wouldn’t they actually have to post something first to be considered a spammer? :stuck_out_tongue:

I zap em before they get that far. Most of them, anyways…

Is there one of those… like statistic websites for ProjectGForums? Just wondering. Makes an interesting topic.