Ohhh that wacky jappy!


WTF you start playing the game within 3 MINS!! I mean goddamn and I thought I had ADHD. >_>

and this

Which is why everything in God of War 3 is REAL time because they wanted to give you more opportunities to PLAY the cinematic scenes. Throughout the game I never felt like any of the non interactivity scenes were too long if anything I was glad to have a break for slaughtering everything that moves.

So I guess we can totally expect his new game The Last Story to not have any long cutscenes!

[SPOILER]Probably b/c Nintendo isn’t stupid enough to let him piss away millions of bucks like Square did![/SPOILER]

Sakaguchi is still living in the past.

No News here.

LOL Opening cutscene is 3 minutes is too LONG… It took a good 15 to 20 minutes to finally play MGS4 only to have another 20 minutes of cutscenes 5 steps later. And I LOVED it.