OH MY GOD OF WAR!!!! The New GOWIII Trailer Footage

Exclusive trailer


I’m speechless… :Q

I dropped my jaw

:lol The lines are so damn cheesy.

@Stealth Your sig is a bit too big.

Geoff Keighley says that the trailer is done completely in real-time with no CG. He’s heading over to the studio next week for a full GOW episode:


I shit you not.

EDIT: MOAR Gifs (56k Warning) Fixed just for now, but will keep looking for some more gifs. >__>

the best part about it is that Sig (the director) said that it will take about 15 to 20 hours to complete. :slight_smile:

All but the second GIF have hotlink images.

Yeah, I lol’d at that.

Looks ok

Playing though Dante’s Inferno right now, I have to say I’m getting tired of the fight the boss that’s about 200x bigger than you deal. God of War III makes it look epic though so I cant complain much.

What kind of weed did you just smoke? :disgust;

Well I can’t tell how good it actually looks with the shitty compression on the videos. >_>

New Gameplay from GTTV last Night

That looks good… so why did the release a demo thats almost 1 year old to the store >_>

For teh lulz

[quote=“The_Juno”]New Gameplay from GTTV last Night


That’s fucked up