Now that 2008 is almost done, were your predictions correct?

Via this thread, we all made some predictions and its fun to see how things really turned out.

Mine were ([color=Green]green = correct, orange = partly, [color=Red]red = wrong, purple = unknown):

[ol][li][color=Orange]Animal Crossing, Pikmin 3, and/or Kid Icarus will be announced this year, probably at E3.[/li]
[li][color=Green]Animal Crossing might come out this year, it’s what Nintendo’s been saying since 2006.[/li]
[li]New DS design, blue signified the last color of the last model. (Electric Blue for the DS Phat, and now Cobalt/Black for the Lite.)[/li]
[li][color=Red]Wii hard drive/drivers will be released like the keyboard drivers were. (Supported by the fact Smash Bros. takes up 128 blocks of memory alone.)[/li]
[li][color=Orange]Game Boy and Game Boy Color games will hit the Virtual console, will be severely overpriced, some people will flame it and some people will love it.[/li]
[li][color=Red]Star Fox Wii, Kirby Wii, and a new console Zelda might be announced/shown in trailer form at E3, but won’t come out until 2009 at least. One of them will slip until 2010.[/li]
[li]Overall online will be cleaned up on the Wii. More players and features will be added, but no voice support in 2008.[/li]
[li][color=Green]Wii will lead in hardware and possibly software for 2008, enlargening its lead between it and the other two consoles.[/li]
[li]Wii Fit will sell a million units by three months after it comes out[/li]
[li][color=Red]It will be largely thought that the two games for GOTY will be Brawl and MGS4, with MGS4 more or less winning the most votes. [/li]
[li][color=Green](This is because I just don’t see any console Final Fantasies coming out this year.)[/li]
[li][color=Red]In fact, MGS4 might make GameRankings top ten. A 40% or so chance of doing it and staying there.[/li]
[li][color=Purple]Street Fighter 4 will be good but fans will hate it.[/li]
[li][color=Red]Lawl just for the hell of it, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be announced for Wii. [/li]
[li]Okami Wii will sell around 200k - 250k copies by the end of the year, more than 50k - 100k the original PS2 game’s.[/li]
[li][color=Orange]We’ll see another Resident Evil game on the Wii announced that will use RE4’s engine (with some minor upgrades).[/li]
[li][color=Orange]In fact, there will be massive support from Capcom for the Wii. I’m not predicting a sequel to Zack & Wiki, but Capcom is looking at the teamup Nintendo and Sega is doing. I predict a Capcom vs. Nintendo fighting game to be announced in the vain of Marvel vs. Capcom.[/li]
[li][color=Green]Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers will not come out this year.[/li]
[li][color=Orange]More lightgun ports from the arcade will be the only things keeping the Wii Zapper alive.[/li]
[li]Suda 51 will move onto 360 development, but will say his next game is for the Wii.[/li]
[li]WiiWare is going to be a big hit with developers, but will start out much more slowly for gamers. It will take a few months for the initial criticisms to fade.[/li]
[li][color=Purple]Smaller devs will move from PS2 development to WiiWare, if they can’t find a publisher, and the Wii itself if they can.[/li]
[li][color=Green]Either a Rock Band or Rock Band 2 port will be announced for Wii.[/li]
[li][color=Red]The Iron Man game for PS3/360 will actually be good and wash away the bad taste of the Spider-Man 3 game. The movie will probably blow critically, though.[/li]
[li][color=Orange]There might not be an E For All this year.[/li]
[li][color=Purple]Wii-makes won’t end, but will get better.[/li]
[li][color=Green]1:1 swordplay announced as a bullet point on some unknown game by the end of the year.[/li]
[li][color=Red]Red Steel 2 won’t come out this year. It will be shown at E3, and will have the best online of a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection FPS to date. Impressions from E3: Controls will be finnicky and graphics will be good to great, with the final game being ~80%-ish.[/li][/ol]

Final Count[color=Green]Correct: 8
[color=DarkOrange]Partly Right: 8
[color=Red]Wrong: 10
[color=Purple]Unknown: 3
Correct/Partly Right to Wrong Ratio: 62%

Now let’s examine some of my interesting predictions.

Animal Crossing and Pikmin were, Kid Icarus wasn’t (although it should have been, apparently.)

While Cobalt/Black wasn’t the last DS Lite color (second/third to last), the DSi did indeed get announced this year. In September I was actually sweating a bit on this prediction. :lol

Got this one wrong, but Nintendo did announce a storage solution.

Wrong, but the DSi has its own shop channel, leaving this wide open in the future.

Mario Kart Wii definitely grew things this year, but I was wrong about voice chat.

I remember getting into an argument with GBW about this. :lol It sold a million less than a month after it came out.

Heh, I chose the wrong franchise. DQX is Square’s big RPG for Wii for now.

It actually sold exactly what the PS2 version sold, but it fell in line with Capcom’s expectations. Really, for a two-year-old port on a console with a smaller install base, that’s actually pretty good.

It wasn’t a Resident Evil game that’s gonna use RE4Wii’s engine, it’s Dead Rising. Off by just a little.

Capcom merely added a few Wii games to its list this year, but there is indeed a new Capcom Versus fighting game coming to the Wii.

I got this partly right. While Zapper support is kinda anemic, it is getting support in more original games than not.

I’d say I got this wrong or partly right. No More Heroes 2 was announced and he’s obviously a part of that project, but he’s also involved in an undisclosed 360/Wii game with Mikami.

Boom shakalaka! Who called it? Not one but both, and RB2 is shaping up to be a pretty decent release.

Absolutely, 100% wrong about this. :lol

This year was probably E for All’s last year.

Enter WiiSports Resort Swordfighting! Little did I know this would showcase MotionPlus.

And of course I was totally wrong about Red Steel 2. Ubisoft has actually been getting slightly better than before as far as Wii is concerned, but it’s still not getting Prince of Persia or Beyond Good and Evil 2, so Ubi does need something.

Anyways, how did some of your predictions turn out? :stuck_out_tongue:

In date (June) and in content (semi-public), Kumiko was right both ways!


* [color=Red]Worth while features in the Spring update ([color=Orange]how about the ability to private chat with more than one person?)

It ended up as the NXE.

* [color=Red]Stranger's Wrath and the last few "Must Have" XBox games get added to the Backwards compatibility list
* [color=Orange]More variety in games
* [color=Red]Zombies Ate My Neighbors on Live


* [color=Red]Pick a SKU and stick with it

They added like 2 new ones!

*[color=Lime]Worth while exclusive

MGS4 and LittleBigPlanet <3

* [color=Orange]Price drop

The 80Gig did drop to $399.99 but then they released the 160Gig for $499.99.


* [color=Red]Less time between droughts
* [color=Orange]Nintendo to break out of their social shell
* The shortage to end
* [color=Red]Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the Virtual Console

[align=center]Things I don’t want to see in 2008


* [color=Red]Another sucky update
* [color=Lime]Microsoft to cease the backwards compatible updates and make games that aren't compatible be downloads only via the Original XBox feature


* [color=Red]Discontinuation of the 80Gig
* No exclusives worth getting


* [color=Red]Brawl get delayed again


* [color=Red]Alan Wake (info or release)
* Sadness (please tell me it isn't dead)
* [color=Orange]Fatal Frame 4 (info)
* [color=Lime]Resident Evil 5 (info or release date)
* Last Remnant (info)
* [color=Orange]Warhammer Online (hope my PC runs it)
* [color=Lime]Spore (info or release)
* [color=Lime]Animal Crossing Wii (info)
* Mario Kart Wii (info or release)
* [color=Orange]Silent Hill 5 (hope it lives up to Silent Hill 2's atmosphere)]
* [color=Lime]Hope Condemned 2's multiplayer doesn't suck
* [color=Orange]Heavy Rain (Info)
* [color=Red]Assassin's Creed 2 confirmation
* [color=Lime]Death Knights to become the most kick ass class in WoW

[align=center]Involving me[/align]

* [color=Orange]I may get a PS3 for a graduation present

Christmas gift

* [color=Lime]I may get a PSP sometime this year
* I may get a new video card for my PC

I don’t feel like looking for my old thread.

Fixed your post Kumi, some of the colors were messed up.