Now everyone can enjoy Lost Planet 2. Monster Hunter can GTFO


I’m just excited to have the free online play! :smiley: Unlike Monster Hunter…in fact XBL Gold is cheaper than Monster Hunter’s online fees… hell even the MONTHLY XBL Gold is cheaper than Monster Hunter’s online fees…

But let’s not dweal on the past let’s look to the bright future of HD Monster Slaying like God intended…with some awesome guns/mechs and 4 player online co-op :smiley:


Well damn how much Is Monster Hunter?

Whoops I thought it was $10 monthly. It’s actually $8 a month $15 for 2 months and $20 for 3 months…XBL Gold monthly is still $7.99 so the statement holds true >_>

Me will gets this game!

I don’t playing the first Lost Planet, I’m still forward to get it. Same idea as Condemned 2.

Don’t even bother with the first Lost Planet. Just get the second now Condemned is another story love that game.

I see, was I too late to buy the first Comdemned?

No you can still get it. Its on PS3.

Wtf? Since when does it release on PS3? O_o

Its not on the PS3?!

But you said it yourself. -_-

Well, considering how much I disliked the first Lost Planet… I think I’ll be ok.


I wanna be the wookie looking one GAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR

hands on

You fight INSIDE them as well :smiley:

Needless to say LP2 is going to be fucking epic.

I’m looking foward to Lost Planet 2.

or just buy a year of gold for 40 bucks…yes 40, it’s sold that cheap in lots of places, including a recent special on XBL itself.