Nothere's Sigs (56k)

I’ve lately been getting better at picture editting and sig making. So, I decided to make a thread to store all of my sigs and stuff. I’ll take most requests, so feel free to ask.

This is one of my oldest ones.

I did this for a contest and I don’t know how I fared yet. I don’t really like the game, but Gamer98 does… apparently.

Another one for Gamer98. This is the unresized version for quality.

The following are all sigs i either made for me or someone else. Some may just be photos with little editing outside a crop or two.

(Snapped this at wildwood)

(Back before we knew G’s true orgins)

(Kinda a compilation of albums i was currently listening to, trying out new brushes, and photo shopping a gf into a pic.)

(Dude, i dunno)

(My favorite sprites)