I don’t know what the fuck i’m doing but it said I could upload videos to youtube, so im like kay.
not sure how to win

We win when we get GIRL to Pluto…I think…

Nice vid.

I made a one in Egypt land.


how do i play jesus fuck. This is hardcore pro gamer shit

so far ive gotten these things down:


Making BOY look like a whale dick

Yeah he designed it really strange. Which is messed up seeing as how Katamari’s controls are so simply and str8 forward.


L1 (hold) + TILT up/down : camera zoom out/in

L1 (hold) + d-pad left/right : camera move

L1 + R1 (hold) + TILT up/down : tilt the world

L1 (tap) : rotate cam clockwise

R1 (tap) : rotate cam counter-clockwise

L2 : eat

R2 : poop

L2 (tap) : jump head-end

R2 (tap) : jump rear-end

L3 (directional) : move head-end

R3 (directional) : move rear-end

L3 (hold) : shrink head-end

R3 (hold) : shrink rear-end

X : ok / continue

SQUARE (hold) : record video

[select] : in-game manual

[start] + Left Stick up : report to GIRL

[start] + Left Stick down : send messages

[start] + Left Stick right : see your stats

You gotta make him eat his own asshole.