Nintendo won E3~Mario’s 35th Anniversary 🎂

Just because most furries turned into alt-right nazis doesn’t mean y’all can scrub Catsuit Mario from the history books!!!

I can’t wait to pick up 3D All Stars, since it’s limited Switch will be the first console since 360 that I’ll own a game for before I have the system :lol:

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Wait furries are nazis now. Where have I been?

Not all but there is no other fandom that has a higher percentage of nazis than furries. It is the most bizarre shit I have ever witnessed unfold before my eyes.

Couple thoughts.

  • That Mario Kart trailer was the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. If I was a kid I’d be going batshit for that right now.
  • Super Mario 3D World getting ported kinda leaves the superior 3D Land in an odd place. I hope they don’t forget about that one.
  • Between Pikmin 3 and now 3D World, the Wii U is pretty much barren for first-party exclusive games that could be ported now. I still really want Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD tho.
  • Having the 3D All-Stars game be limited time makes about as much consumer-friendly sense as the Disney Vault, probably even less. That pretty much guarantees I’m going to try to buy a copy – my first (and hopefully only) physical Switch game.
  • Not including Super Mario Galaxy 2 is very odd… Unless they’re planning a second installment sometime down the road. It was excluded from all the “looking back” footage reels of the series too. :thinking:
  • They also excluded Super Mario Land 2 from that footage too! And that game is way better than the first. (BRING BACK THE CARROT)
  • Personally, my adrenaline started pumping as soon as I saw Mario’s face from 64 getting transformed, because I knew it meant Galaxy was coming! Holy shit Galaxy in HD, officially, finally. I’m one of the few to prefer the first Galaxy to the second, so this works out for me, but I’d still like to play the second.
  • I’m not clear on how collecting Star Bits works with a Pro Controller or in handheld mode. However, this willingness to implement “Wii Remote-only features” is encouraging for any eventual port of Skyward Sword (which would have to be reworked more so, but I don’t believe it’s impossible to port to a standard controller.)
  • This will be my first time playing Sunshine, wish me luck. :grimacing:
  • Hopefully Bowser’s Rage add-on for 3D World is meaty. Those bastards knew I’d only pick up 3D World if it had extra content since I don’t really care for that game at all. :argh:

I decided I’m buying both physical and digital copies of 3D All-Stars. Will leave the physical in shrink-wrap as a “just in case.”

Also is’t it more like Nintendo won GamesCom/TGS? :thinking:

Pretty good way to handle the 35th anniversary.

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Most of my systems, I’ve bought games before I’ve owned them. :grimacing:

So is this a DLC exclusive? Is it getting a general release?

My anecdotal view of what happened is Bronies took over and they’re mostly the types that became Nazis. Contrarianism was just in their blood at that point.

3D All-Stars is getting a physical release, but it will be a limited run only until March 2021.

Edit- I think they intend to delist the digital eShop version at that time too. So if you miss it, you miss it.

I better get on that.

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“Super Mario 35” AKA “Tetris 99 + Mario 1” AKA “Mario Battle Royale,” is digital-only (and Nintendo Switch Online sub-only) and will only be available until March 2021 as well.

I hope there’s an Animal Crossing Direct soon showing off the Mario items (though we probably have a decent idea based on the fortune cookie items in New Leaf.)

Nintendo (soon) (probably): “Mario x Silent Hill, coming soon!”

Well its says there is Mario Furniture coming.

Smash got the tournament which I’m guessing is why they didn’t have their typical spirit event.

For some reason it feels like an E3 announcement that got pushed back due to COVID and them wondering when they could hit their final release dates.

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I guess announcing a limited physical run is better than “Oh, you missed Metroid Prime Trilogy? That’s too bad. It was only available for three weeks, several months ago.”

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Announcing it is better in a sense because then you know when you have to get it by, but that also incentivizes horders and scalpers.

Speaking of…


Preordered via Best Buy. I wasn’t letting this one slip away.

I kinda want those special limited-edition pins they mentioned too… But those are a smaller concern lol.

Metroid Prime Trilogy is definitely another one they should port to Switch. They’d have to do the opposite of what they did the first time with motion controls though, lol.

Original release: Add motion controls from Prime 3 to Prime 1 and 2

Switch release: Add “normal” controls from Prime 1/2 to Prime 3

Last men standing:

  • Fatal Frame 5
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X
  • NES Remix
  • The Wind Waker HD
  • Twilight Princess HD
  • Yoshi’s Woolly World
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash

via Kotaku commenter:

BTW, the official site confirms that all three games will feature rumble, which I think is the first time Mario 64 has had the Rumble feature outside Japan. Can’t remember if the Wii/Wii U ports included it or not.

Hey it’s not 16:9 but it’s something!

I really enjoyed Mario 64 DS back in the day, switching characters was fun and the bonus levels were well-done. (And the better 3D model on Mario was less iconic, but plain looked better IMO.) Wonder if they’ll do anything with that version (or the content in that version) again.