Nintendo: "We've got a new logo and changed it years ago without telling you!"


Surprising news, guys! Nintendo has a new logo! Holy shit! Apparently over the past two years, no one has noticed that Nintendo has abandoned the old [color=Red]red and white logo for a newer, more-hip [color=Gray]gray and white logo!?

Yeah…It really isn’t much of a surprise if you’ve paid attention to any official Nintendo product that has been released since the Wii. The classic-Nintendo red font color was replaced when the Wii was released with a gray color; after all, the Wii’s logo was gray and the same font has been used for any Wii accessories, DS accessories, and games all alike. Well after two years, Nintendo makes it official, well, at least Nintendo Europe makes it official with their press release the other day.

Th release states that some products might use the “former logo, with red lettering” but is now replaced with “a new logo, in discrete grey”. Then today, a representative of Nintendo UK stated that the news is “two years” late.

Because no one totally noticed and we all really care.

Source: Kotaku

You know… I was just thinking about this the other day.

But, they seem to use the Wii logo more than their actual logo.

This is news? I knew this a while ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, for one this is only for Europe. For two, their Japanese logo is [color=blue]blue! Imagine that! :Q