Nintendo Vitality Sensor thingie... perhaps... ?

I was going through some old tapes and came across this clip from Sci-Fi Buzz back in the late 90s.

Certainly makes me wonder. :Q


Meh. It’ll probably be a Wii Diabeetus tester.

Depends on what they can measure and I’m sure that will be one of the functions probably.

I can see them using this in many different ways but it will be hard to tell how they might use it in a hardcore way…i doubt it will be of any use to a hardcore game.

Depends on what they vitality sensor actually is able to measure.


I liked this one better :slight_smile:

and yeah, I don’t see many core uses for this, cept maybe it could be used in a game novel, ala Trace Memory/Phoenix Wright/Trauma Center type of game to read the player’s stress or what not.

Screw that. We get hover boards in 6 more years.