Nintendo ending SSBB Online Service



Eh its just the uploading of levels and stuff.

That’s just sad.

It really can’t cost that much money to still allow people to upload their data.

And it’s not like Nintendo is poor or something.

SMH Nintendo SMH

Mis-title, FTL.


I hardly used the features.

Hell, I hardly even play SSBB anymore…


Plus you can still share data between people. Just not upload it for showcasing.

Why are people trying to make this a bugger deal than it is?

Can you still send stages to other people?

According to the article, nope.

did you send me any yet . . .

which reminds me . . .i got a few . . .

[align=left]Nintendo REALLY needs to get thier online act in line. Even casual gamers will eventually expect that.[/LEFT]

According to the official site, yes.

[ /care ]

I played SSBB for a week maybe. And every online battle I played had the game freezing and lagging. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I believe the phrase goes.


[quote=“SCIco_Draken”]did you send me any yet . . .

which reminds me . . .i got a few . . .[/quote]

Not yet. Things around the home base have begun screwing up, including my wireless router. I’m surprised that I’m even able to talk to you right now.

so you started useing yim again . . .

Deleted a bunch of stuff, including all of my IM software. Doing some maintenence at the moment.