Nintendo does Pokemon Soul Silver / Heart Gold Right

Out of the things I’ve heard they are doing the games quite well. The features are also quite awesome. Andrex, I and others are going to be extremely happy when this hits. Honestly its probably got exactly what you’d want.

Andrex this will probably be your game of the year when it comes out. Also the challenge is harder now I saw a video of a guy struggling with Falkner the first gym leader.

I’m tempted to get a DSI when this comes out I’ve still got the DS Phat and a pretty damn good reason to upgrade for Pokemon.

Yeah it is pretty fun, ive been playing it for the past few days

So there’s DSi features? That’ll probably push me over the edge to get one, finally.

The one thing I think they don’t have I mean I need to upgrade from a Phat. Certainly has just about everything else though.

DSi features… really?

If there’s a pal park or gba insertion pokemon in HG/SS, then DS/Lite owners will actually have the advantage, which is ironic. :lol

Right, for the mainline games. For remakes the track record has been just two versions.

Oh. Anyways who am I kidding I’ll probably buy Heart Gold / Soul Silver anyways. Also I need to go get Platinum I really want the updated stuff and if I get it with Heart Gold / Soul Silver I’m set. Also the only thing it may be missing is DSI only stuff. If there is DSI only features most probably can’t tell either because its in Japanese or because they are playing it on DS Lites.

Seems like Heart Gold and Soul Silver are going quick like expected. Also serebii has been playing like crazy. BTW some of the new sprites are pretty coo and pokewalker apparently can tell if your cheating it. People who are playing somewhat fairly are losing to gym leaders well not all of them but some of them are resorting to using pokemon who are powerful against the gym or higher level.