Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase 10/28/2020

Bravely Default 2
Story of Seasons
Surviving the Aftermath
Immortals Fenyx Rising
Bakugan Champions of Vestroia
Griftlands Nintendo Switch edition
Tropico 6
Hitman III Cloud Version
Control Ultimate Cloud Version
No More Heroes 1, 2 and 3.
Part time UFO
Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity


Will watch for the NMH stuff.

Damn it I wish I knew about this.

SO happy No More Heroes whole trilogy is available on Switch.

Also, MIND MELTING Hyrule Warriors, I thought playing as the divine beasts wouldn’t be done but they surprised me! TRY THE DEMO if skeptical. I don’t know if I want to, I don’t want my save carrying over, I’d just restart the story on the main game probably lol Maybe I am weird.

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Am I gonna have to get a frickin musou game :frown:


Having the Zelda team so involved is a major thing in my opinion. It just never happens with Musou games lol They do their own thing and they can be samey and generic, this one has a much different feel and some weight to it.

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Also, I’ll probably end up starting fresh again next month when the full game comes out, but this demo I think will scratch a good itch for now.

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homer laugh

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I saw Control on the Switch update thing and was all :shocked:

Then I saw Cloud Version and was all :bitch:

The best part is how it gives you a whole five minutes to figure out if it’s going to work well or not.

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Which for me it really didn’t. It does have ray tracing though :smile:. Its definitely not the optimal way to do it. I mean its cool if you really want to play Control on the switch it works okay but isn’t the greatest. It does however give me thoughts that a number of games will be available through cloud.

maybe its my distance from the server or my connection but that was janky.

No more heroes was the big deal this direct.

So did anyone play the Hyrule Warriors demo? It is much different than a typical musou game and more complex. It is interesting to me having to mix up the standard attacks with the sheikah slate attacks on R with L buttons also in the mix.

I gave it a go. It felt a bit different than the original game, but not enough to require more than a small adjustment.

In the original, you actually could throw in sub-weapon attacks against stronger enemies based on what they were secretly weak to, but AoC does a better job of letting you know what to use when. There’s a little more utility with them (like using the ice to get airborne), which is neat, too. Once I get the abilities lined up in my head, that’ll be a big help. Didn’t really do much with the wall jumps.

Link’s abilities are a little different, and having that dashing strong attack (the shield slide instead of stopping to charge the sword spin) got me a number of times. Impa’s mechanics are interesting once I started to figure out how they worked. Also, Zelda is way different, obviously. Plenty of potential for some properly varied play styles. Thumbs-up.

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Its kind of the Persona 5 strikers level of making it a bit more like the game its based on. Tecmo Koei is stepping up their game on Musou’s but make not mistake its still a musou.

Impa is awesome. If there’s a new Zelda character in Smash use Impa or Urbosa from Age of Calamity.

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Alright turns out the DNS settings were wrong on my switch and cutting my download speed. It seems the suggestion is to set primary to and secondary to Now I wish I could try the control demo again.

Questions about No More Heroes on Switch:

What are the controls and how customizable are they?

Does it at least run better than the PS3 version?

Does it still have Heavenly Star?

I started 2 last night. Not sure about if they are customizable but the controls were basically what I remember from the PS3 No More Heroes. Face buttons with the sticks mixed in. It runs good so far. There are no streets to drive around in on this one though.

Evidently, FPS wise, NMH1 is the same 60fps as the original release. NMH2 was originally 30fps but is now 60fps on Switch. Don’t know about the PS3 version.

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Wow, I had no idea the PS3 version was so different.

Yeah they tried to make it look more realistic.

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