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This came out of nowhere. I knew PlayStation was talking about the PS5, but not showing anything. Xbox was pretty silent, but now they came out the gate with a first look at the console. I thought E3 is when they would start showing off the new systems, but both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 showed something.

I feel like Microsoft is out of the gate fumbling, when you reveal a console you want to control the entire message and take time to tell your story. Slapping it on the Game Awards feels like it was a rushed out to try an dispel rumors they are behind schedule.

The messaging they did give felt shallow, in that reveal you see soccer, Halo, some water and a car… it couldn’t be more boring.


X Blox

Godfall looks cool. Some insane part of me thought it was the return of that Too Human at first LOL No joke

When I first saw the Series X, I thought it was a type of PC and not the new next gen system.

how do we abbreviate/address the XBox Series X? ’
I have a Double X?
Hey do you want XSX?
Yes I did have “Eksboksex”?

I’m guessing their big reveal was supposed to be Senua’s Saga.

Godfall was way more interesting.

I also think I’m experiencing diminishing returns because it certainly didn’t strike me that these were next gen games.

X ² Box?



Holy shit, that gif is great. Those reflections.

Yeah its probably ray tracing. They kind of showed a prime area for the reflections.

Those reflections are crisper than real life reflection.

I don’t feel they’re fumbling.

I feel they were one of the many victims with the game awards show. The whole thing was a farce imo so that may tint their big reveal. But it was supposed to be a big deal, Elon Musk was there isn’t that great?!

The industry doesn’t know its consumers and it shows.

Anyways, I’m interested in the console. I’ve no faith in Sony atm after being on the top for a while, becoming more pro censorship and massive leadership turnover. I’m left wondering if they have a direction at all for a console.

Microsoft is however failing on the naming front imo. Like Richard from ReviewTech mentioned. It’s very similar to what Nintendo did with the Wii-U. People were thinking it was a gamepad to buy for a Wii and not a system unto itself.

Microsoft needs a proper naming convention. Xbox to Xbox 360 was clunky but okay. They could have kept 360 if it wasn’t for that horrible launch that created a shadow over the entire console’s life. So I can see why they scrapped it. XboxOne, name works. Copies off of Sony’s Playstation which is whatever. Stupid that the 3rd console is “One” but again, whatever.

Now it’s Xbox One: S, Xbox One: X, and now Xbox Series X?

You’re playing with fire, when you’re expecting the average consume to know that those two things are at all different.

But still, Hellblade 2 looks really interesting if that’s all really in game and this early.

Not sure.

Godfall gave us something in a tweet that looks like its in game.

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Ok I need to add to the negativity a bit. I had my fan on when I watched the video during the stupid awards show. I didn’t hear full or recognize Alan Watts’ used as narration.

Just caught it after watching Itsagundam. Holy shit that’s stupid.

Guys guys guys.

It’s not Xbox SEX.

It’s just… Xbox…

“The name we’re carrying forward to the next generation is simply Xbox,” a Microsoft representative told Business Insider, “And at The Game Awards you saw that name come to life through the Xbox Series X.”

Like the first Xbox generation, the next one is simply named “Xbox.”

It’s a basic rebranding, but a meaningful one that could help to simplify the Xbox line for interested consumers. It also clarifies Microsoft’s intention with its console line.

“Similar to what fans have seen with previous generations, the name ‘Xbox Series X’ allows room for additional consoles in the future,” the Microsoft rep told us.

Xbox (2001)
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Xbox (2020)

MS’s systems and software always did try to chase Hollywood a bit too far.

Microsoft: Conventional Names, how do they work?

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If you really expect Microsoft to be some champion of free speech you will be sorely mistaken. Microsoft has never had a corporate culture that embraces defending the rights of its customers. Hell they were one of the first companies to roll over and give up their customers to the CIA/NSA as leaked by Edward Snowden,

I’m sure there are cases of games being censored by Sony and not Microsoft but it must have been very minor because in the era of gamers bitching about every little thing this is one thing I haven’t really seen bubble up to the top like cross play or refunds.

But if it ever does become a mainstream topic I seriously doubt Phil Spencer will be on Good Morning America saying we should respect the culture of Japan to have preteens in g-strings or Dead or Alive 7 to have tits larger than Al Rokers ass.

The only truly open platform where you can play anything you want with absolutely no regards to censorship is and always has been PC.

You’re suggesting using a PC while giving a take down to Microsoft.

I get what you’re saying. Alan Watts was about, in part, not being materialistic. Not so much about privacy etc…

Since you brought it up though, Microsoft working with the NSA royally sucks. But no corporation should be confused with caring about the consumer’s actual desires or wants. They’re there to make money and helping the government is lucrative too.

Ultimately we’d have to have something that’s decentralized and open source as a web and not what we currently use. Any Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony etc… product is not angelic or pure in any fashion.

I dislike the censorship of the more risque type things because it’s a part of a cultural minority that are pushing to extend control. Microsoft and the NSA are doing shady shit sure. But the witch trials in the streets will be held and run by the common rabble.

No jokes about me or the things I care about, no nudity, no violence, no anything because it triggers me or makes me upset.

You must respect my sense of discomfort and stop anything I’ve labeled as problematic.

That type of shift will pervade society as a whole and it’s why they’re going after pop culture and entertainment. The workplace is already heavily controlled. The home, where you sit down after a long day, to enjoy mindless drivel is the new frontier for their constraints.

Xbox XBOX: X Edition

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