New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Well i got to finally play it at my brothers house and i gotta say…this game is KICK ASS! We were laughing and jumping and just messing around the game is awesome. It combines EVERY Mario game to date. It has the koopa kids, yoshi, hammer brothers both big and small, Star coins, kid bowser, Kamek, bowser, toad, luigi, mario, peach, just everything just completely bad ass!! Single player isnt much fun not when u have played with others. Its an awesome game.

It’s a 2D Mario game. Of course it’s going to kickass. I can’t wait to play it myself.

I need to check it out. I didn’t really care for New Super Mario Bros. DS, though.

And after so much LittleBigPlanet, it feels odd playing a side-scroller that isn’t dressed up in layers.

I still need to get it. Places keep running out. XP

It was at 936,734 in its first week in Japan. Near a million in one week for one region is pretty damn good in fact that might have only been 4 days.

One analyst predicts it could outsell all of the Modern Warfare 2 versions when we get the final lifetime numbers.

New Super Mario Bros could outdo Modern Warefare 2.