New Star Trek (2009) trailer

Apple trailer page.

I was actually VERY skeptical and put-downish when this was announced. Can’t say I dig the cast ('cept for Spock and maybe Scotty), but WOW at the special effects. To me, that’s always what a space battle in Star Trek SHOULD have looked like. :smiley:

Simon Pegg = WIN

But, I’d rather him be working on “Paul” and “The World Ends”. I care more about those two movies than this one.

I don’t really know how i feel.

I mean, im not a huge Trekkie but i loved the original series. I thought th ensuing ones were a bit on the retarded side.

When i see this trailer im not angry, but im also not blown away.

It doesn’t help when i think back to seeing the original teaser trailer during cloverfield and that being the first time i was ever excited for something to the point of giddiness, i dont know why but seeing that teaser in theaters with the awesome bass and all the eerie sound effects just gave me the chills.

Didn’t really care for Cloverfield- the hype or the movie.

Also TNG > Original Series IMO. It was just such an upgrade budget-wise/ship-wise/talent-wise/metaphor-wise/enemy-wise, etc. But the original series will always be something special because it was the first.

the next generation was just taken way to seriously.

They had such a good time making the original series.

But like i said i just enjoy the original more than the next generation at a cursory glance, im not real heavy into either.

AICN has a slightly edited version of the trailer, which has a pretty neat ending.

Original Star Trek is better than TNG, I’d say. Kirk > Picard

And you’d be wrong. Oh so wrong.

Actors who can remember their lines, FTL.

At least.

They speak.

Their lines.



[quote=“Andrex”]At least.

They speak.

Their lines.




But, I always think of Professor Xavier when I see Picard.

That just shows how young you are. >_> TNG debuted in like 1991.

We’re only a year apart, you retard.

Yeah but at least I have my history right. And that’s a strong word. >_>

I’m sorry. How about I call you a loveably misunderstood teddy bear?