New Resident Evil 5 DLC coming soon.

2 new hours into the singleplay will alow you to play as Chris and Jill as they look for Ozwell E Spencer which will lead to the showdown that end between the fight that was shown in the main game.

Ahh so it isn’t going to be disc-only. Smart move Capcom.

They haven’t said anything about this being DLC. It’s all speculation. The fact it’s being labeled as an “edition” in Japan seems to indicate this is a full independent disc just like how Super SF4 will be.

Lord Jesus I cant wait until SSF4.

It’s going to be on a disk but I’m expecting the one mission is dlc too since unlike the street fighter shit this shouldn’t be too big.

That’s going to be sweet and I’ve heard that it wont be full retail price. Also if you already owned Street Fighter IV then you will get something special.

It will be DLC


Guess this shoots down any hopes I had about the PS3 version getting a touch-up through MT Framework 2.0


Ohh well maybe Sony and Capcom can work out a RE 5 Alt Edition bundled with the wand.

I hope it would be DLC because I really don’t want to buy another copy.


I’m hoping the same for SSFIV but I don’t think it will happen.

Did you get the Collector’s Edition like I did?

Of course I did.

It would be wrong of me not to buy the Collector’s Edition based on my title. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, Capcom did hinted that to those that already have SFIV, they will be getting even more content within the disc. Maybe they might do the same thing to RE5.