New Pokemon Snap

Looks suitably chill like the original. I really don’t know how gamers today will like the gameplay though lol, the original was just replaying the same 5-6 courses, then trying and failing to get a good pic of Mew for a few hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This seems like something that would work better on a smartphone since you can easily share out to social media. It’s still a very interesting concept, to me the main draw is seeing Pokémon interacting with each other.

Yeah. I wonder if they’re gonna go “full AI” for the Pokemon (emergent gameplay), or if everything will be 100% scripted like the original.

OMFG!!! Day 1!!!

This just made my day! Holy shit. I LOVE the original. Played sooo much of it.

I’m sure it is scripted aside from Pokes reacting to your balls. I kinda hope it is just like the original. Getting secret ones to come out was so great!

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I have a lot of very nostalgic memories of the original. <3

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The Poke Cafe (hey… did they steal that from us???) game being smartphones + Switch makes me think that pretty much all spinoffs start off targeting all three, unless there’s a reason not to make it on those platforms…

I theorize in this case, maybe they plan on doing a more AR-heavy “real life” Pokemon Snap for smartphones depending on the success of this game. Snap actually has a lot of opportunity for IAP.

Seeing the water physics reminded me of Waverace 64…

Damn you Nintendo. Announce this next! lol

On topic, definitely good news and good vibes.