New No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Trailer of Suda 51 Antics



Pre-strike: Shut the hell up Draken. >:/

Now that’s one hell of a big beam katana at 1:56.

That’s what she said.

Taking a shit to save? Fucking awesome.


so . . . i take it im suposed to say something about starfox 64 . . . ?

That was in the first game.

I still have to get NMH1 but I think I might just skip it and wait for 2.

I guess they don’t know but damn that huge beam Katana is cool.

Didn’t have the Wii then. I guess I will have to check it out.

Lucky bitch gets to stand behind Suda while he’s on the toilet… :neutral_face:

GOTY 2010 fuck heavy rain.

It would be funny if his pants were down.

Jealous pretty much?

Uhh I think you may have some… issues Kumi…

Oh come on guys! You all know you wanna see him with this pants down!

It must be a good feature or something since people who didn’t play the first game are somehow interested because of it. I like No More Heroes but its not because he saves by using the bathroom. I really hope they make it longer though it was pretty short last time.

PAX demo

Taking a dump? I may be into some freaky stuff, but not that freaky…

No more heroes is all about the boss battles.