New Fan Fiction, New Characters: You Guys


Hey all.

I am writing a new fan fiction. The last one I was writing was getting subpar and my ideas were unorganized, so I thought a fresh start would be beneficial for me and for the readers. I intend to follow a similar storyline, but I’m going to tell it a little differently.

Now, I’ve decided that my story would make more sense with more characters, and it would appeal to you all if, well, if past experience serves well, if you all were in the story. With that in mind, if you would like to be in my fan fiction (an action-drama with plot twists galore taking place throughout the video game universe), fill out the character sheet-esque questions below.

Character Name - Give me multiple options so I can pick which one fits the story best. No numbers or symbols. If you have a particular preference, number them in order which one you like best.

Gender - I hope this is self-explanatory.

Looks - body type, hair color, eye color ONLY. I choose your outfit, knaves.

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Modern - Does your character live in a science fiction-esque place or a fantasy-like place? EDIT: MODERN

Agressive/Passive - Generally speaking, which personality matches your character the best?

Age Group - child, teen, adult, middle-aged, elder

Intelligent/Charismatic/Combat - What is your character’s forte?

If you have any questions, let me know. Also, I am looking for anywhere from 3-5 main characters, possibly with some side ones. With that in mind, the more unique your character, the more likely I will pick you over another member. For instance, if everyone is picking a fantasy world and one person picks science fiction, I will for sure pick the science fiction person first. This is to ensure that there is a wide spectrum of characters for this new fiction.

Thanks for participating, and I will start writing as soon as you guys give me permission to use your likeness in my story. :slight_smile:

Sure this sounds pretty cool

Character Name - Sakito or Geech

Gender - Male

Looks - Tall slender but muscular, medium length brown hair and green eyes, white.

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Modern - A fantasy science fiction in modern time :Q Or just modern

Agressive/Passive - Aggressive and HOTBLOODED. He is quick to rush into a situation without thinking about the consequences but he usually means well.

Age Group - 22-25

Intelligent/Charismatic/Combat - charismatic

eh, sure why not, nobody put me in any of the other ones :frowning:

Character Name - Axel, Andogar, pimpmaster, benderisgreat, or “Rob” is fine too

Gender - Male

Looks - eh…average I guess, dark brown/black hair, and either really dark brown or black eyes

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Modern - I like science fiction I guess

Agressive/Passive - Passive

Age Group - older teen

Intelligent/Charismatic/Combat - Intelligent(obv.)

Character Name - AoR Final, Luxord_X, Final_Assassin, Matt.

Gender - Male.

Looks - Tall, got a little bit of a muffin top, brown hair/eyes.

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Modern - Modern.

Agressive/Passive - Passive.

Age Group - Older teen (18-21).

Intelligent/Charismatic/Combat - Combat.

Ethnicity - Whitey.

I’ll let you take one of my favorite created characters, he was suposed to be the main character in the manga I was making about 3 years ago- but I didn’t make it past the first 3 chapters so I scrapped it all. He was based on me at the time.

Character Name - Kori Kaigun

Gender - Male

Looks - Medium-sized height, moderately built, brown hair- pretty long and bushy hair, navy blue eyes. His face is sorta “chibi-like” but he always looks serious.

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Modern - Fantasy, a lot like the world in Full Metal Alchemist.

Agressive/Passive - Passive in personality. Aggresive in skill.

Age Group - Teen, 17 years old.

Intelligent/Charismatic/Combat - very smart and open-minded for someone his age. Studies hard

  • has a laid-back attitude, but sarcastic, critical and cynical in nature- not to the point where he intentionally hurts other peoples’ feelings though. Doesn’t let anyone get to his emotions (basically immune to it). He retorts when need be. All in all, his charisma is basically Edward Elric (without the anger problem) with a side of Huey Freeman.

  • fights when he has to. Very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, weapons and firearms. Always minds his surroundings and tries to use it best to his advantage.


Character Name - Gamer98 or SgtCORNBREAD

Gender - Male.

Looks - 5’8, 175 lbs African American small manboobs

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Modern - Modern.

Agressive/Passive - Passive.

Age Group - Young adult.

Intelligent/Charismatic/Combat - Charismatic.

Character Name - Leiot,Gillian, and Andrei

Gender - Male.

Looks - tall, black short hair, green eyes

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Modern - Modern

Agressive/Passive - Passive.

Age Group - Adult

Intelligent/Charismatic/Combat - Combat

Character Name: Kumiko or “Steph” - Stephanie (Mayer, after Re-l from Ergo Proxy, or Matthews, after Raimi from Broken Saints, if you need a last name)

Gender: Female

Looks: Fairly short (5"1’) with a thin, slender body (112lbs)- may not look like much, but looks can be deceiving

Long, warm brown hair complete with copper-colored highlights

Eyes are an amber shade that fade into gray

Other: Caucasian (American) but pale in complexion; is “womanly” if you catch my drift

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Modern: Sci-fi/modern; similar to the worlds in Ghost in the Shell or Ergo Proxy where technology has advanced quite a ways but it’s not like Star Wars

Aggressive/Passive: Can I pick “provoking”? Generally, if this is suppose to be me, she’d try to avoid physical conflicts if possible but will not hesitate to do anything to protect someone she cares for, regardless of the cost or threat.

Age Group: Young adult (maybe entering her mid-20s); basically old enough to have experience but can still be naive and use improper judgment

Intelligent/Charismatic/Combat: She’d be a bit more on the mysterious side, hiding away more about herself than she leads on. Naturally, I’d picture her as coming from a rough background that resulted in her having some trust issues except for those she wishes to have near. She’d be intelligent- a decent balance between “book smart” and “street smart”- often using logic or her very persuasive skills to try to handle conflicts. She’d be quite philosophical as well with most of what she says being cryptic to hide their true meaning since she enjoys messing with people’s minds.

She’s a protector to say the least. Her friends and loved ones are more valuable to her than her own life, making her love her weakness. While she may try to hide her feelings by presenting a generally cold appearance, it’s obvious that she is quite emotional and often can rush into a situation without thinking it through if a friend is in danger.

When it comes to needing to fight, she can use either firearms or swords. Due to her size, she’s not very strong but is quick on her feet and able to dodge quite well. She’s more defensive than offensive, often letting her opponent wear themselves out before attacking. Then when she does attack, she tries not to be fatal unless she absolutely has to get blood on her hands.

Character Name - Xaldin(His past), Zaladin

Gender- Male

Looks - Medium height, short dreads/twist, brown eyes, Cloaked hood up, Tanish skin color, adverage size

Fantasy/Modern Can be both, would do better if modern

Agressive/Passive (Xaldin = Agressive, Zaladin = Passive)

Age Group - Teen


Daystar, check my age again please, typed the wrong thing. :frowning:

Character Name - Richard Winterborn, Althus Murovia, Xylothis, Indigo Montoya;)

Gender - Male

Looks - average build, fairly tall, blue eyes (oh heck, make them violet…and glowing, your call)

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Modern - Does your character live in a science fiction-esque place or a fantasy-like place? EDIT: MODERN (hmm, I’m gonna go with modern then, good choice eh?)

Agressive/Passive - Passive Agressive, stands ground and reacts when needed/called for, but won’t start a fight

Age Group - adult 25-35ish

Intelligent/Charismatic/Combat - Improvisation, thinking on the fly, using things on the fly, fighting on the fly with whatever. A leaning towards leadership (in a team leader sort of way). If leading others, relies on thier strong points to see them all through (encouraging them to think, act, and use thier talents to thier most). Charismatic and able to talk through many tense situations.

Ethnicity: - Half elven (ok, ok, if I have to come up with something real, caucasian)

PS - I want a gunblade. (jk, it’s your story)


Okay guys. Thank you for your interest in being a character in my fan fic! And now of course, a friendly disclaimer:

Disclaimer: The way I use your characters does not reflect any personal opinion I have of you. If you do something in my story that you think you wouldn’t do, I’m sorry, but the character isn’t really you, but my fictional rendition of the likeness of you. While reading, just sit back, enjoy the story, and think of yourselves as actors in a movie instead of reading a biography of yourself in my universe. Lastly, there is no possible way that I can make all of you appear in every chapter. Therefore, your character might not pop up for a while.

Thanks again, and I hope you guys are looking forward to the first installment of the currently unnamed fiction.


im white and so is my character ;D

Character Name - Alexander

Gender - Male

Looks - between medium and large, brown, blue

Fantasy/Science Fiction/Modern - A cross between the two, unless the information is useless because it said EDIT: MODERN

Agressive/Passive - Mainly passive, but can be a bit agressive

Age Group - adult

Intelligent/Charismatic/Combat - Half intelligent, half combat, only moderate in both.

Ethnicity - White. :\