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Recently released mod for the Source Engine (Half-Life 2: Episode One build) based off the forerunner version in Unreal Tournament 2004 where teams of opposing Japanese forces try to eliminate each other (one life based, like Counter-Strike) and also try to capture robotic ghost units in multiple maps. So in short, it’s one flag capture the flag elimination.

Besides the main objective, it’s also the player’s goal to earn XP per match from Private to Lieutenant with each rank featuring a set of new weapons for three classes (recon, assault, support).

Fun stuff and some of the guys in the multi-game realism unit, the 506th PIR have been playing this with a lot of other players!

REQUIREMENTS: 1.6 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
4 GB off hard drive space
DirectX 9 compatible video card (Shader 2.0 Compatible)
Windows Vista/2000/XP/ME/98
Intternet Connection
Steam software and account

That’s fucking sweet.

Downloading now.

[quote=“Gurren Lagann”]That’s fucking sweet.

Downloading now.[/quote]

Me too! :slight_smile:

Eh, i’ll give it a shot, might be good as long as the servers arent dead

I might download this when I get the awesome Orange Box and L4D for PC during the weekend.

They shouldn’t be for it’s been hardly a week since the mod was launched…

Anyways, I love it. It’s like Rainbow Six set in the Ghost in the Shell universe. it’s challenging at first but if given a few hours it’ll start warming up.

I fucking hate support though. Assault’s more straightforward and more fun.

I hate my slow PC.