Neon Genesis Evangelion ✪ After that, and THE END. NOT, and ANTI.

January 23rd, 2021, bye-bye, all of Evangelion!

Should I see this trailer before seeing the other movies.



Never saw it but had to talk my cousin down yesterday from buying a $300 statue of the redhead LOL

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Good. She’s trash compared to Kaworu anyways. :heart_eyes:

If it was this one it would have been worth it.

Asuka is :heart:

Love the music in the trailer, I can’t wait to see this in theaters assuming theaters still exists in the US once it’s released. I’ve never gotten to see Eva on the big screen. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


It wasn’t that one.

Would pay $300 for…



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I’ve never even seen that guy, just the one on the left of that double statue lol

To be honest no statue is worth that to me unless it is a waist high Kenshiro or something LOL Idk. I would buy them if I was wealthy abd had tons of throwaway money. I’d rather have stuff like that and merch instead of a sportscar or something lol

I did like the one Sbf posted.

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That last one is only $38 on Amazon… mmmmmm the temptation.

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That first one with the wings though


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