Neo Gaf makes my day...everyday.

Need a good laugh for about 10 min read this thread.

It’s obvious they didn’t “steal” it.

They likely paid for it.

Anyone who can’t see that is a fucking moron.


Yeah, I know. I went a bit crazy with it.

But a first-party funded developer like Sucker Punch doesn’t “steal” things.


Quit spamming… :confused:


I don’t get the picture.

That’s why you use the link. To find out.

I dont have a account and it wont accept my email for some reason so I cant see the page

Lol, the thread got taken down.


I bookmarked it wonder if it still works damn it was good I tell you!

: ( Can one of you fuckers tell me what this infamous coping shit is about?

Its not a big deal some lazy artist just added some shit to a pre existing photo without getting the rights to do so. But GAF took it to another level. lock please.

Give me proof he didn’t have the rights to do so.

And give me proof that that pic wasn’t shopped.

They asked the artist he said he had no Idea what inFAMOUS was. Calm down. Lock please.

IDK, I’m starting to think that the artist in question was all made up.


That doesn’t mean that the rights to it weren’t sold to them.

Also something similar to this happened to my dad’s friend who is an artist, EA used one of his paintings in The Sims and just credited him without buying the rights.