Name those games...

First one to get all 11…

  1. This Cave is Creepy!

  2. Die monster, you don’t belong in this world!

  3. A Winner is You!

  4. Have a Rotten Day!

  5. Let’s go, Black… the fires of hell need fuel.

  6. Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy.

  7. You were almost a jill sandwich.

  8. Someone set up us the bomb.

  9. Henshin A-Go-Go!

  10. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

  11. Congraturation. This story is happy end.

  1. TMNT: Turtles in Time
  2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  3. Wario World
  4. Yoshi’s Island
  5. Resident Evil
  6. ZeroWing
  7. Viewtiful Joe
  8. Ghosts 'N Goblins

That’s all I got. :\


This guy are sick.

Final Fantasy VII.

I WILL accept 2 different games for quotes #5 (due to a technicality) and a few for #10.

LOL google.

  1. Nintendo Pro Wrestling
  2. Twisted Metal Black.

But I can’t think of what #10 could possibly be from. The closest I got is “Chu-Chu-Chu!” from Space Channel 5.

I will give you 10, because it IS Space Channel 5 (it’s generally regarded as either way)

HOWEVER… 5 is INCORRECT. :slight_smile:

Twisted Metal Urban Assault?

I guess I can accept that.

It’s from the first game, but was cut from the shipped version. Doesn’t actually appear until Twisted Metal Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition for PS3.


So what do I win? :smiley:

A used copy of Phix: The Adventure for PS1.

It’s impossible to give that game away willingly… so, congratulations. You’ve WON IT!


Remember me?

You’re supposed to say… “Remember me *****… When I KILLED YOUR BROTHER!!!”

What’s THAT from? It’s not a game. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“spooie”]A used copy of Phix: The Adventure for PS1.

It’s impossible to give that game away willingly… so, congratulations. You’ve WON IT!

Yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! :smiley:

Hey, wait a minute…


Plays it.

Brain dead.


I actually WILL send it to you. I am that desperate to get rid of it. :smiley:

Oh, and “I talked JUST… LIKE… THIIIIIS!”

[quote=“spooie”]You’re supposed to say… “Remember me *****… When I KILLED YOUR BROTHER!!!”

What’s THAT from? It’s not a game. :p[/quote]


That would be Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

edit: Godammit, Ryan.

I made something like that a long time ago:

  1. A story passed on generation to generation about a princess.
  2. Mechanisms that caused a brutal battle.
  3. Last thing that is opposite of realism
  4. Pocket monsters
  5. Neighbors that are extremely mean
  6. A tool and the sound of metal hitting metal
  7. A killer’s way of life
  8. A metallic mechanism that isn’t a gas or a liquid
  9. Awesome Italian siblings
  10. Famous sly creature
  11. A creature that feasts upon another and the day before a holiday
  12. Computer fighters
  13. Biological surprise
  14. Absolute ruler of warriors
  15. The sun is made of a material that is more expensive than silver
  16. Thing on an angel’s head
  17. The phone is ringing for you to go to work
  18. A color’s legend
  19. A planet where wars are made
  20. An expensive body part used to see
  21. An instrument savior
  22. Tango waltz rebellion
  23. Deadly thing you put a picture in
  24. Time period for large colonies
  25. A mammal that runs into things
  26. Quiet raised land
  27. Not close whining
  28. Amount of space something takes up that causes something
  29. An out of this world blade
  30. An old fashion name for dad + 3rd letter is a male human
  31. A creature’s cross walk
  32. The world is missing
  33. The non-living stand up
  34. The sound made when having fun + athletic activities
  35. Disturber of the final resting place
  36. Factions fight
  37. Light never comes
  38. A relative of a horse meets the king of apes
  39. Empire of not spades, clubs, or diamonds
  40. Award of pride
  41. A chaotic event
  42. To attack against
  43. Time it takes for half of the radioactive atoms to decay
  44. Abnormal planet
  45. Spirit + power of a gun
  46. Wanted breathing or not
  47. Appears when its raining and the sun is shining + 1 + 5
  48. Mystical bird wasn’t wrong
  49. Charge for stealing a car
  50. Large adult male
  51. What the devil could do when he loses his fiddle
  52. Home of the undead
  53. Rhymes with boom
  54. Female warrior’s biography
  55. Best opposite of light
  56. Strike a person who isn’t a woman
  57. The thing casted by a giant
  58. Steel snail without a shell
  59. Monkeys break out of jail
  60. Channel between 4 and 6 that is out of this world
  61. German word for sailor
  62. A person who takes over lands
  63. Chinese rulers who can also fight
  64. Ares
  65. Bodily fluid that falls from the sky
  66. Preparing mom for dinner
  67. Last part of the other name for table tennis
  68. Certain organism that has reached its peak
  69. Crazy astronauts
  70. Male heir to the throne who ruled the middle east in 550-330BC
  71. Type of warrior of the not new opposite of the democrate
  72. Going past the good and evil
  73. Curb by
  74. Someone who wrangles monsters
  75. Nine ten a popular pet
  76. Not innocent mechanism
  77. The view is beautiful, Joseph
  78. Nature’s story
  79. Expression of culture through tales, music, legends, and dance
  80. The Reaper’s flamenco music and dance
  81. Fast mammal
  82. Undead feasted on the family next door
  83. Stories of a symphony
  84. Primate’s land surrounded by water
  85. String instrument and a humming instrument
  86. Never see the moon or stars when its cold
  87. My WoW character’s galaxy
  88. Primary color on a mythical lizard
  89. Old, wise men’s scroll
  90. Always doing something for someone
  91. No privacy in space
  92. Another name for meteors
  93. Jack has a ferret instead of Jill
  94. The spy rows to the dragon
  95. Ace of spades vs. Ace of diamonds
  96. Never ending song
  97. A castle in vain
  98. Ninja is guide in
  99. A sun beam that is a man
  100. A fake championship
  101. . mod
  102. Spirit squad
  103. Unlucky number
  104. Your heart is full of _____ when you’re evil
  105. To be afraid
  106. Red place where birds fly
  107. Full moon nearest to the autumnal equinox
  108. Where wars take place
  109. Stone bracelet
  110. Piece of wood in a finger + the place where a criminal stays
  111. Part of a hospital
  112. An inn only visible between day and night
  113. Something that helps you in ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’
  114. What you do when you go around a corner - N + a stone
  115. Steel-colored hunting dogs
  116. The seven dwarves grew and became assassins
  117. A fox’s small car
  118. Not on my map
  119. One less than hundred times to sleep
  120. The thing that goes off when there’s a tornado

Sad thing is…I wrote that like a year ago so I don’t remember all the answers… :stuck_out_tongue:

How is it even possible to learn all that? This is a crossword now? :Q

I remember the thread where you posted that, Kumi. I think I made a shorter one too.