Namco... oh how I love thee.

Look at the three games at the top of the list.

An RPG, a Shooter, and a Sports game. All planned for the PS3.

And <3s for the Wii, as well. With “Sword of Rejendia” AKA “Sword of Legendia”, still in development after all these years. And it’s probably my most anticipated Wii game, just because it has the word Legendia in it.

Namco really IS my favorite developer.

Scamco… When they make a Wii .hack, then we’ll get back together.

Just be happy with Sword of Legendia and Tales of Graces, you ninny.

And be happy that those two games are really nudging my plans to buy a Wii forward.

Your blame should lie more with CyberConnect2 not Scamco >_>

Scamco has the IP though I think. They should force them to do it. :mad;

Last time Scamco did something like that the end product didn’t turn out so well…

But it’s .hack. :frowning: I mean the series isn’t exactly AAA quality anyways. >_>