My next XLBA game, with pie

I just played a demo of it, and I can’t say as I’ve played as stylistically interesting of a game in quite a while. And it comes with pie.


I love the early film style of the game, and the soundtrack is fantastic, an altogether solid package of a game, all for 10 bucks. True, it reminded me a bit of Braid to start, but that’s just due to it’s puzzle solving, which really is completely different once you get into it. Anyone else tried or wanted to try this?

I played it a few hours ago and I think it’s just bloody brilliant. I love the art style, the music, and the puzzles. I was afraid that the demo would be short but it’s quite lengthy. But I guess that is because some of the puzzles are tough and some a bit hard to pull off. To me anyways. I loved it and would not mind one bit to buy it. :slight_smile:

Bought it, damn this game is just so fun and different