My new car

Just got this about a month ago. I got it for $3500. It’s a 1991 Z28 camaro. 305 V8 with tune port injection and dual exhaust. It’s a ton of fun to drive! :smiley:

It must be nice to get things.

I count 1…2…3…4 semen stains and 2 possibly leaks from hookers >_>


What do you mean?

Nice. Makes me want one.

We’re all jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I don’t have a license yet so even if one of those dropped out of the sky I wouldn’t be able to use it. And even if I did my driveway would bang the hell out of it, doubt there’d be anything left after 6 months…

But anyways, congrats to you. I’m sure it wasn’t easy getting it? :lol

It was a pain getting it. I had $3000 in the bank so my parents said they would put $500 in for it. Well we went to go out and look at my uncles 1982 Z28 that he has but it was destroyed, would have taken like $6000 to fix it up.

So then we started looking online for stuff. Ended up driving 2 hours to look at a crap one that looked great online at first. Then we found that one. It took us a month to finally be able to go up there because of weather and other reasons.

Then we drove the 2 hours up there and looked at it. They wanted $4500 for it, and they wouldn’t take below $4000 for it. Then they said $3700 or no deal. Then I just told them that’s all I’ve got, I saved it all myself and that’s all I’ve got. Then the lady told her husband to give it to me for $3500 because I saved it up all by myself (well that’s what we told them :stuck_out_tongue:).

Then we brought it home and my parents paid about $500 to get it all in working order. Just needed some spoiler paint and hood blister paint and some door rubber. I get to pay for the rest from now on. My mom put it under her name in insurance so it’s only $50 a month instead of $250.

It won’t be able to help you when the mayans come back in their space ships and kill us all.:frown;

How many miles? And its an automatic…

153,000 miles and yes it’s automatic. I really don’t care since I’ve never driven stick in my life because none of my parents cars are stick. Can always tranny swap if I really want a manual, but I don’t think I ever will.

What kind of things did you look for when purchasing your car?

Wait? This car was made in 1991?

Well I made sure that it had at least a 305 V8 in it, T tops, no convertible, manual or automatic didn’t matter, had to have interior in good shape and the body needed to be straight with no rust or excessive dents at the very least. Coming with all the optional features like power locks and windows, cruise control, fog lights, and cruise control just happened. Also, my car had upgraded exhaust which is about the best exhaust I’ve ever heard on a small block V8. Also had a new $400 stereo put in it about 2 years ago so it plays CDs at least. Tires were also in great shape, only had about 2,000 miles on them.

Yup, this car is model year 1991 made in april of 1991.

Please put a camera in your car so you can record your self every time your getting your dick sucked by women.

Just got the hood pieces done today. Looks so much better!

You’re missing a letter on your license plate.

No I’m not. It’s 6 here in Oregon.

Should be EPIC. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh ya that. Lol that’s how I remember my plate number because it’s almost epic. It would be epic since it’s an epic car haha :smiley:

My car can kick your cars ass. :stuck_out_tongue: