Music on my Xbox

Im streaming music from my comp to my xbox and it will play just fine the first few times then it goes and says. Cant play this content because it may not be supported…wtf? Ive been the the xbox support page and there is nothing on there that helps my situation…can anyone help me out?

All mp3’s?

Also, have you tried installing the free optional media add on?

Sounds like the Xbox doesn’t support the file type.

There’s actually an item you can download free off live to help it support more media types. (hmm, thought it was more but it’s ipod format only)

Also make sure all your music is listed on WMP in a folder with shared permissions with your 360.

They are all MP3’s yes and the thing is they played when I first linked my xbox to my pc but after a while they just stopped working. Its all in the “my music” folder. Im gonna download that media thing and see if it helps. Thanks for giving me some advice…Just downloaded the media thing and it still didnt work. Any other suggestions?

Hmm, well, make sure Media Player see’s the files in a shared folder, and that your set up on your 360 is still live (can you still stream pics and video?)

I havent tried pics but yeah I have a BUTTLOAD of DBZ on my comp and it plays those videos…well it actually depends for those as well. some say the same thing and then others play fine! Just did pics and they all work just fine!

gaaa I feel stupid…I found a folder called “shared folder” and i just dragged and dropped the folders into that folder and it worked!!

You can right click on any folder and change it’s shared permissions. Now, MP won’t instantly find that, but new time it looks for media, it will see the new shared folders and sharable.