I got left 4 dead yesterday, its pretty amazing. Playing as the infected is incredibly awesome and the episodes are challenging enough to make me enjoy them every time(and the director changing it up makes for good fun), only thing is its not as fun if you don’t have other people talking
also im in school and this isn’t blocked, muahahaha

Good for you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Off topic but my friend has been talking nonstop about how great Zombie mode is on Call of Duty 5 and I may get it because of that. :Q

eh…i dont think it’s worth it, Left 4 Dead’s much better

What if you’re playing only single-player? (Is there single-player? O_O)

its still better, the director makes certain that no run through is the same twice(or at least seperates things enough so that you won’t remember it being the same experience >_>)
plus i thought World at War was pretty boring, CoD4 is a much better experience all around

Hrm, we’ll see. Kinda looking into a cheap $100 graphics card and maybe some PC games for Xmas. Should help smooth out my experience, even though the CoD4 demo on default settings ran really well (something I didn’t expect.)

i could help you with that :3
$20 Mail-In Rebate and i have a code for 10 bucks off if you want it

Nah, it’d be a Christmas gift. Thanks though. :Q

(Give me the code anyways please. :heart;)