MS 360...a ten year console...?!

I hope all three companies wait quite a while before the new consoles are officially announced.

I do belive Nintendo made a fundamental mistake not going with HD this gen. 720 would have at least been something, and HD sets are one of the few things still selling in this economy, proving people want HD. As the install base grows even larger, people will want HD for thier HD tv’s (one of the main reasons I got my 360 also when I did, we had a HD tv with no HD to put into it)

This needs to be true. They still need to fix the RROD shit they want to talk about ten years lets talk about 3. 360’s don’t last for shit. I kind of figured that they would not introduce a new console when they showed off Natal. They just need too keep upgrading the console making it better while releasing more XBLA titles and there will be no complaints.

Still waiting for the PS9.

So far it hasn’t kept them from being the leader of the industry. If it becomes a problem they can just put out their next console with it.

360 can’t even last one month how can it last ten whole years?

I said that

I said it in a wittier way. :stuck_out_tongue:

By actually putting out games.


[quote=“AoR Final”]By actually putting out games.

What good are games for a dead console? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know why don’t you ask Shiggy?


[quote=“AoR Final”]I don’t know why don’t you ask Shiggy?

What do you even mean by that? :lol

You know what I mean by that, now give me my cookies you whore. :frown;

I think Microsoft is somewhat inspired by Nintendo’s idea. You don’t need the best graphics to be successful, but if you create a balance and a complete experience capable of satisfying anyone and everyone, your console maxing out in terms of graphics won’t be such a big deal.

I think it will have been a 6-7 year cycle before the reveal of the next system, which I’m thinking might happen in 2011. But the console itself might well be around for a full 10 years. Evolving the brand in the way that they’re doing will make it palatable.

But one thing has become clear, this is now becoming a peripheral war. They will probably start marketing to people the idea that game-changing peripheral accessories are going to be the next exciting thing, instead of the newest Quadcore processor with the latest Nvidia chip.

Good, that means that I wont have to buy any new consoles for a while. I gotta fix up this computer.

If the PS3 can do a 10 year cycle why not the 360…

They’ve clarified more or less that they can’t put a year on it, since no one knows what’s going to happen. i.e, Natal could fail. Of course, I don’t believe that’s very likely at all upon extensive research of the technology and the potential applications thereof.

Ever think about an FPS where you use the 360 controller to play the game as normal, but also use the facial recognition to shift your head side to side and see around corners? Maybe you want to play tethered to the controller, and your 3 other friends don’t. No problem. They can use their body, or a mixture of both. Whatever! It just depends on the design choices the developer makes.

The beauty of Natal is having 3 choices in games. Games that use the Xbox 360 controller exclusively, games that use Natal exclusively, and then the hybrids that use both, however prominent or subtle their application.

It could be true if Microsoft just develop an SKU to replace the piece of shit we have now. It can be done.