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Well, we have one for books and music. I went 30 pages deep to find a general movie discussion post. So I figured I would just start this. A thread to talk about and any and all movies and things movie related. Mostly to discuss this. … ustice.htm

I have thought for a while now that this was coming. Did they really lock up Ruffalo for 6 movies just to have the Hulk in a few Avengers movies? I’ve read quotes from Whedon about the next Avengers being darker in tone. And the Hulk being pushed to “dark places”. Which could involve Ultron. But it’s speculation. All of it is. I think it could work though.

Hulk came out of the last Avengers movie golden. People loved him. He had one of if not the most talked about moments in the film. it’s like those last 2 Hulk movies never happened. maybe Hulk alone isn’t enough. maybe he needs an ensemble for him to really shine. Planet Hulk and World War Hulk could provide that. The Warbound. He doesn’t HAVE to carry the movie all by himself. It’s like LoTR. Frodo is the focus, but we all love Legalos.

Use the other characters to build up The Hulk. To put him in a world you care about, then it will make you care about him. And, you know, smash a lot of shit. right off the bat, Planet Hulk would make a fantastic movie. The animated version was actually pretty good in my opinion. I think the problem could be World War Hulk. It’s a massive story that would cover every facet of the Marvel Universe under Disney’s banner.

But, again, Age of Ultron movie. It’s like they are trying their hand at the the big event series from the comics. Yes, Age of Ultron got really stupid toward the end, but I trust Whedon. And I think, given time, his team could come up with something pretty good for the screen. And they said they aren’t gonna really do a big Hulk movie til after Avengers 2, so they got plenty of time. And, as big as WWH is, I think ti would work better than Civil War, Secret Invasion, and many of the other Marvel Universe events.

Still sucks they don’t have the X-Men. Days of Future Past looks awesome though. FOX is all in.

To me Hulk is just better with a mash up. It was fun seeing him fight the milatary and all…but the out of control idiot hulk gets a bit boring. His animated movies were great though.

I personally can’t wait to get my hands on 47 Ronin, Man of Tai Chi and the upcoming an surprisingly soon to be theater release of The Grandmaster with Tony Leung as Ip Man. I want to see that interpretation compared to the quadrilogy Ip Man movies, the 2 with Donnie Yen, 1 prequel with a younger Ip Man and actor and now the recently released Grandmaster with an older Ip Man and actor

Still need to see the Ip Man movies, never have yet

Watched Monty Python: The Meaning Of Life to it’s fullest this time. Not the funniest, but still good.

The IP Man movies are fantastic. I’m always gonna be a Jet Li fan but Donnie Yen is crazy good.

Yeah I love Donnie Yen. He is sorta a cocky prick in real life but DESERVES to be… Did you see that knife/baton fight from Killzone? :hyper

Pretty awesome man. I have 2 other Blu Rays with him in it. Seven Swords and Dragon Tiger Gate.
Dragon Tiger Gate is a really cool movie, I think it’s on Netflix too.

Yeah he is one BAMF. Wouldn’t want to piss that dude off.

Marvel signs all their actors to multiple film contracts now. That could be anything from being on screen for 120 minutes, to a 30 second cameo. Ruffalo has already appeared in TWO Marvel films. Chris Evans has appeared in three, not including the upcoming Winter Soldier. Samuel L Jackson has been in 5 films so far, including the TV series. Robert Downey Jr. has been in 5 as well.

Back in 2008, before Marvel theorized that all of their films would exhibit the same universe, RDJ appeared in The Incredible Hulk in a cameo appearance as a nod to fans (the only Marvel Cinematic film to have the cameo/teaser BEFORE the end credits begin). The film did well enough in theaters, but didn’t blow away the box office… so they put off doing a sequel. (and, for a while, a TV series was in the works for ABC) After the Avengers came out, and, suddenly, Hulk was “in” again, they contemplated doing another sequel, but wanted to explore it after the Thor, Captain America, IronMan and Avengers sequels were out of the way.

But now that Marvel is expanding outside of the core titles, Hulk will probably not show for a while. But I’m sure the character will be back in his own sequel. There was talk of something Planet Hulk-ish, and I’m sure as they expand outside of earth (with Guardians of the Galaxy) and get into the astral realm (eventually with Dr. Strange, some day), we’ll end up getting something along those lines.

The problem with another Hulk film, however, is going to be that we won’t have Thunderbolt Ross after him again. We’ve already been told that SHIELD was helping him prior to his coming in as an Avenger, by keeping tabs on him all the time… so they’re obviously preventing Ross from going after him. And I doubt the first half of the government will track him down, while at the same time, the other half of the government will be working with him. So I don’t expect another Hulk film to appear until there is a specific Hulk villain or threat to raise it’s head.

What I’m waiting to happen, honestly, is a Marvel Team-Up film to come out. Probably lead into a Defenders movie or something like that.

They are doing a Defenders series on Netflix after the individuals release.

Finished Oblivion and it was like chocolate cake for my eyeballs. The lighting, architectural designs, and the backgrounds were all so visually impressive. A few screengrabs I took. I already knew the soundtrack was great because I listened to it earlier this year but the ending track carries so much more weight now with the context of the movie. The story was kinda meh but that might be because I knew about the twist as soon as I heard someone compared it to …Moon… Still though as an entire package I loved it.

^Dazzled by the pretty, but the movie still sucked.

And Tom Cruise has this weird pointy chest cavity thing going on. Maybe he’s sucking in.

Well he’s not sucking in air, it must be souls to keep him looking young.

Seriously. I feel bad for Tom sometimes. I know I shouldn’t. But I do.

Sidenote: Did anyone watch Oblivion with the commentary on? Tom spoke over the director so many times.

But yeah, He’s so enthused about his work but nothing keeps going his way.

Which movie was it where he did a stunt running up or down a building and a car flipped over him as he ducked on the ground? Feels like it’s a recent movie, but it’s probably old because I think it came out in high school.

If it was a Mission Impossible, it was the only one I saw, unless that isn’t the same one where he saves the kidnapped girl from that Hoffman guy.

He looked good in that movie. I feel he is in that middle age period of his life where you see what he looked like young and where he’s going in old age.

I hate that period. So depressing. I could kill myself.

That was either Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol or Mission Impossible 3.

I think it was 3 then. I know I didn’t see anything with ghost protocol in it.

Oblivion was so good brehs. Can’t wait for Tr3n.

Right it was 3. Tom. Has been doing well though I thought Ghost Protocol was incredible and also starred Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton.

Even Jack Reacher was surprisingly better than I had imagined. I never saw Oblivion but if it lifted stuff from Moon then I want nothing to do with it.

Mission: Impossible III and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol are the two GOOD M:I films.

The first one was good, not great.

The second one is ass. Came out during that “OMG!!1! John Woo is teh asian hotness!” period when, being from Honk Kong, got you to direct a ton of crappy action films and no one questioned how good your movie actually was. There was no action for a solid hour in that film, and the story just dragged on indefinitely. Towards the end, after the the third triple take of Tom Cruise jumping 30 feet into the air over two colliding motorcycles, and then falling over a cliff that didn’t exist a minute ago… and a bunch of slo-mo pigeons flying at you in an UNDERGROUND BUNKER, you start to question things.

Thankfully… I actually watched M:I:III PRIOR to M:I-2. Had I seen the second one first, I never would have went with the series for either of the follow-up films. But, shockingly, the third and fourth film really humanize the character a lot and pull him away from the Steven Seagal-esque ‘nothing-can-ever-hurt-me’ mentality, as Tom Cruise lets the filmmakers kick his ass repeatedly in the later films.


People give Tom Cruise a hard time generally for three reasons… he’s a Scientologist, he’s outspoken, and he jumped on a couch once. None of which I think he deserves the hate he gets from people.

But then, we live in a world where Mel Gibson, while drunk, complains about someone being Jewish and is vilified the rest of his life and blacklisted from half of hollywood, yet Alec Baldwin on a weekly basis is a dick to everyone around him (photographers, paparazzi, his daughter, his ex-wife, politicians, movie critics, flight attendants, homosexuals, etc…), and yet, every woman I know on the planet wants to fuck him (and probably some of the men, too). So… I’ll never understand how the hollywood popularity system works.

Of course… Mel Gibson is a conservative and Alec Baldwin is a liberal… so, maybe I DO understand how this system works more than I lead on. But that’s another story… for another time.

Watching Wolverine’s Extended cut on Blu-Ray right now, BTW!

MI 2 lead to this

and for that I’m eternally grateful but yeah MI3 and Ghost are way better.