Monster Hunter Rise ✪


RE Engine confirmed for Switch!

MH Direct coming in a few minutes!!!

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Letting you choose which Doggos and Palicos you want to mix and match is brilliant!

The emphasis on verticality + mention of “calamities” seem like nods to Breath of the Wild. Seems like there aren’t any zones either.

The biggest and best thing this will have over Generations Ultimate is a properly-scaled UI. The HUD in GU was trash lol. I still put 200 hours into that game though, lotsa fun.

The grapple hook thing will take some getting used to.

That dog they used as the promo dog is just a rip off of Repede from Tales of Vesperia.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 looks AWESOME and more appealing to me.

You crazy.

Stories just seems like any other child-friendly JRPG to me…

It’s cool but I got World and couldn’t stick to it. I respect and love the series but playing it isn’t super fun to me. Find something, attack it, it runs, chase it, and fight it for 15 minutes or so lol It can be fun but I get so mad when they run and I have to chase them.

I like the art style and stuff of Stories 2. It will hold up better if not trying for realism. I wonder if the chick was Patricia Somerset who voiced Zelda on BOTW, sounded like her lol

I want a dog amiibo so I can give it a pipe and stuff like Repede LOL

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Depends on why you stopped.

Well guess you just aren’t going to like monster hunter. I’m pretty sure the running is going to happen. Typically that meant you were close to finishing them.

@Andrew @NorthStarKen

I think yall are both right. Rise looks good for a switch game and doesn’t seem to add anything to draw in new fans. Stories looks absolutely jaw-dropping and could be different enough to draw in new fans, but could just be a toy commercial for the little ones.

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MH Stories 2 looks like… the first MH Stories. A generic JRPG with a neat cel shading… like Stories is targeted at kids, guys. You’re not getting Witcher 3 or even Final Fantasy with this. Expect something with the depth of Pokemon, except without (great) multiplayer, and a CACPCOM level story (about being BEST FWIENDS with monsters in a world where… the entire economy is based around hunting the damn things.)

Meanwhile, Rise is RE Engine, the Wildbug makes every player suddenly Spider-Man, they’re taking BotW elements in the world design, and following on from World in presentation… Like holy shit it looks great. And that’s without mentioning the brand-new infinite-stamina mounts that can run straight up cliffs.

I legit don’t understand people preferring Stories 2. Different strokes, but it’s not like the Switch is starved for JRPGs. But it is starved for a proper MH. (I say this despite putting 200+ hours into MHGU.)

I guess it’s easy to get excited for a game when all they show is the flashiest cutscenes and zero gameplay.

MH Stories 1 actual gameplay:

“Yeah Breath of the Wild looks okay, but I’m really more excited for Link’s Crossbow Training.”

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The wirebugs are better than spiderman as they can be combined with specific weapons and used on thin air.

This is a big deal.

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Stories COULD be shit. IDK. All I am saying is that even if Rise is the better game I enjoyed the hell out of World for awhile but then friends got out of it and I got bored by myself all the time. It is cool though and I thought about trying to get back into it but I have a backlog at this point I can’t ignore.

Don’t get it twisted, I am not simping for Stories, don’t even know what it’s gameplay looks like. You are just starving for a legit MH and I am not.

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Well I will say Rise is clearly the announcement to care about.

For stories think of it as monster hunter youkai watch.

Sorry got a little heated lol. But I see a lot of “wow Rise looks like shit, Stories 2 looks awesome tho” comments online and I took it out on you haha.

Anyways, in lighter news…

(click to play)

Deluxe Edition + Preorder Bonuses baybeeeeeeee



I have to use the dog now :smiley:

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I REALLY hope GU’s transmog mechanic is in this game. It’s easily the best thing they’ve added for G-rank armor in forever, certainly as long as I’ve been playing (Tri, which didn’t even have G rank, but still.)

Since I’m already wishing for stuff from GU, this game HAS to have Valstrax. Funnest monster fight in a long time too!

Yeah because some of those armor and weapon sets are cool. Having the shield be in the shape of a shuriken is just awesome.

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