Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate ✪

Original title: Monster Hunter for Switch is coming!

Or rather, it’s already been out in Japan for a year.

But now it’s coming to US and Europe!

A year old translation of a late port to a 3DS game from three years ago… thanks Capcom! Nobody wanted World anyways.


Better than nothing? It could have been worse, they could have given you Monster Hunter Frontier Z !

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Is this how Vita owners felt

Most likely considering all they got was Monster Hunter Frontier Z although they could play Portable 3rd with right stick controls via backwards compatibility.

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Took way longer than it should have.

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Anyone who wants to play with me just let me know. I’m doing offline Hunter’s Hub quests now. :3

*coughs* @barcster2003

Alright. Do I join one you make?

Darn I’m logging off. Tomorrow?

Its cool yeah maybe sometime tomorrow.

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Thanks, see you then! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Totally forgot I could party to catch up. I’ve been trying to do stuff solo lol.

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I did the same thing lol. I checked and the only solo missions I haven’t done are the Advanced ones in Low Rank. Not sure but I think more Advanced hunts unlock after in High Rank… Basically Advanced quests are the equivalent to the next “level” for some reason… Advanced Low Rank = a monster from High Rank, Advanced High Rank = a monster from G Rank… Weird but that’s Capcom.

Anyways yeah, I’ve been checking off 2-3 star quests by myself today to just check 'em off. Way OP for low rank right now haha.

Are you ready to play today?

I might be able to in an hour or so, if not would anytime after 8pm work for you?

Just let me know.

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OK, I can get on soon! Should I make a room?

Edit- I created a room, passcode is 9999. Weird they don’t let you make rooms that are explicitly friends-only. :thinking:

Alright I’m in.

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Yesss this is awesome!

Edit- I have a USB keyboard btw.

Nice I don’t.

No worries, you can only use it in the hub.

On actual quests you have to use the Shoutout feature, but you can customize it ahead of time. So my “That was awesome!” etc. during the Tigrex hunt were shoutouts, not USB keyboard.