Modern Warfare 360/PS3 differences...


It was $30 for 360 a few weeks ago and I thought about getting it, but passed, cause I don’t have CoD3 and I wanted to get them all. Now it’s on sale for PS3 at $30 and I can get CoD3 for PS3 for $15 new, so, I’m thinking. But I can only get it TODAY as it’s Amazon’s DOTD.

Any preferences regarding the game? Anything exclusive, better, missing?

Pretty much the same game, as far as I know.

So, if I were you, I’d go with “Which console do my friends play it on?”

Hey now, I don’t have any friends. So… um… yeah.


That’s what it’s about with CoD MF, it’s best component is the multi player, though I’d guess it’s going to also come down to which console do you prefer fps on.

Free online play on the PS3… That’s about it.

Did they ever patch in rumble support for PS3?

If not that’s what the 360 has over it.

[quote=“spooie”]Hey now, I don’t have any friends. So… um… yeah.


I’ll be your friend spooie!!!

Although the only online games I play these days is TF2 and Uncharted 2 Beta…but I’ll keep your friend’s list warm for yah!

Just remember, only one version of the game comes with ninja’s…

or way that just my copy?